World Cup Celebrations


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It’s over for another four months thankfully. One cannot stand to be in the same room as these screaming less hairy two-legged race any longer without developing a headache. They don’t get this excited when I chase after a ball and run off with it which is a little perplexing as I am the centre of their universe. The humans are such a weird race.

Since arriving at the maid’s house nearly three years ago, I have been subjected to hours upon hours of rugby with her and the rest of the staff screaming at the television and saying words that should apparently not be uttered around small two-legged less hairy race as they are “naughty”. They only seem to get excited by the Welsh team and only watch when they are playing. The ”Come on boys” and “don’t you do that to my boys” that come out of the maid’s mouth makes me wonder why I couldn’t have been placed with a less weird owner.

My mother Hetty was an English black Labrador and my father Pringle was a Canadian cream poodle so when I arrived in Wales where they spoke a funny language, I did not realize that they would expect me to support my new country. I learnt the Welsh commands that I followed whilst in the Welsh schools that we work in, I ate the tradition Welsh cawl that the maid often gave me on the sly and I even learnt to love running through the Welsh countryside that I now call home. When she asked me to wear this hat though, I think she may have been extracting the urine slightly.

Getting through to the semi-finals of the rugby world cup apparently was a big deal and she wanted us all to get in the spirit. Hmmmmm, Did she ask Angus the cat to dress up in Welsh gear or Faith the tortoise? Oh no. They would have probably told her where to go but me? I stayed as neutral as possible by not chucking off the hat in protest or showing her I was impressed. I was hoping my neutral face of being dressed up would show her my verdict on the stupidity of her request but nope she did not take the hint. I think she was playing the blind card again!

When the silence fell around the house as Wales lost to the better team of New Zealand, I thought it was best to humour her and let the hat stand tall. Her plan to make me the mascot for the day did not work but it was worth a try I suppose. Luckily my handsome face and alluring eyes filled the hearts of the staff after the game. I did not find it necessary to let on to them that I was finding the silence that fell around the house so satisfying. A Welsh loss meant a Munch win as I finally took the hat off and they turned their love and attention back to me instead of the Welsh team.

Let’s hope that when the Rugby International starts in February, she will have found something to put on Angus or Faith to make them the mascot and leave me out of it. Paws crossed, it will work.

The Hairy Healer Strikes Again


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Healing never occurs out of the blue, it only occurs when you are ready to receive it.

There are healers amongst us that freely share their healing abilities and wishes for others, and there are those that innately heal others without knowing they are doing so. The child caught up in play that helps the onlooker heal the inner child, does so without an agenda. The illuminated passing smile that connects two souls for the briefest of moments and brings humanity back alive to an isolated soul, does so in the spur of the moment. The listening ear allows the good, the bad and the messy to pass unjudged into a welcoming mind and does not feel the need to correct or dismiss, just allows the speakers words to flow. The hidden healer among us works at just the right time.

This hidden hairy healer took over after I had finished giving some reiki healing to a friend of mine as he felt that there was more to heal in his own unique way. Sniffing out sores in the skin that needed to be seen to, he quickly began to go into his trans like state of healing. He had done this many times before and hovered over open sores before lovingly licking away to ease away the suffering. The hygiene freak in my head had been silenced after researching and finding the almost antiseptic qualities of dog’s saliva and let him do what he needed to do. This dynamic duo of friend and healer had worked like this for over a year with amazing results.

Sniffing out where the healing needed to be directed next, Munch in his trans like state moved around the body under and over the clothes tenderly licking parts that no cream could heal.

When he follows his life purpose as a healer on days like this, he becomes so serene. He was put on this earth to heal the body, mind and soul of those he encounters daily. The hairy healer has many sides to his personality (as do us all), but his desire to help is always central to his true being. With his pleading eyes that gets him out of mischief and his loving heart that draws people in, he never fails to leave a person feeling better after being with him.

Whatever we can do to help another heal may seem small to us but life changing for another. You need not lick another to put a smile on their face (best to ask permission if you feel the need to do so) to show you care and are there for another. Do it your way, for your own reason but just do it to make a deposit into your own karmic bank. You too may need a hairy healer one day.

Five Simple Ways To Get What You Want


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Do you struggle with getting things that you really want to achieve in life? Are you looking for ways around this to be able to lead the life that you really want to live? Well here are some tips from me, a top-class dog and life coach extraordinaire. Follow these simple steps and you too will be living a life full of blissful comfort.

1. Make a commitment.
Be loud and stand proud in what you want to achieve in life. Half hearted asks get half hearted results so ensue that whatever you are asking for is what you really want to get. Speak your requests with authority. Let me give you an example that relates to the picture above. If I had not requested the chair to curl up on, I would not have got it, simple as that. Even if the answer is not yes the first time around, do not let this dishearten you and try, try again. This takes me nicely onto the next point.

2 Believe in yourself
If you find it hard to visualise yourself getting what you have asked for, then how do expect the universe to believe that is what you really want? Hesitate and you cancel out all the hard work that you have already put into your dream. For me, if I had listened to the maid saying no to me the first time when I tried getting up on the chair, I would have lost belief in myself. I visualised myself sitting in the maid’s chair in work and I believed that I had the required skills to get what I wanted. You will see how.

3. Use what your mamma gave you
Take time to look at all your natural talents that can help you get to what you want in life and use them to the max. You have all the ingredients you need in life to be able to create whatever concoction you want to make up. Each one of us has qualities that stands us apart from others and can help us achieve our goals so what is your quality? For me, my adorable face, single mindedness (or stubbornness as the maid calls it) and want for a more comfortable seating option got me to where I wanted to be.

4. Refuse to take no for an answer
Just because another person does not have the same goal as you, it does not mean that you cannot come to an agreement. One person’s no is another person’s yes so keep your thoughts positive and your eye on the end goal. As the maid walked away from her chair in work that day for the umpteenth time, I went over to the chair to assess its comfort and decided I was getting there one way or another. Even after jumping up to settle down in it and the miserable maid telling me to get off, I persevered and got up another twice. She was far too well trained by me to say no for the third time, so she did what she always did and gave in to me. Persevere, it is worth it.

5. Bask in your achievement
The hard work you have done to get to a certain place in life should be celebrated whichever way you want to do it. By acknowledging the hard work that you have done to get where you are, you are pre-empting further success as you realize how awesome you really are. I knew when I finally settled down on my chair for the rest of the working day that I could manifest anything in life despite the maid mumbling about “what people will think if they see you up there”. What others think of me is their business. What I think of myself is mine. I slept sound in the knowledge that I got what I wanted as I always did.

If you ever find yourself looking for inspiration to move forward and achieve what you want in life just follow the above steps and you too will sleep soundly in the knowledge that you have done everything that you can. Getting to the top dog position isn’t always easy but when you get there it is pure bliss. Keep posted for more tips on how to become the top dog in your own life.

Mental Health Kindness


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If there is one thing that should be put on prescription globally to support the mental health of individuals, it should be kindness.

On October 10th, many talked openly about mental health in general and shared personal stories of their battles with their own mental health. Posts were shared to signpost people to sources that could help them get through tough times and tips were given to help people cope when they feel they cannot.

Support groups reached out to those who felt unsupported and celebrities did all they could to give the message of solidarity in the epidemic of common mental illness such as depression and anxiety that is so widespread. All of these were fantastic ways of raising awareness and showing people that they are not alone in tough times but isn’t prevention better than cure?

Having worked in mental health over the last 26 years in varying roles, there are not many mental health issues that I have not dealt with. Treatments and support may vary between each individual but one commonality seeps from each individual and that is a block in the kindness that they experience in life. Kindness has the power to change lives in miraculous ways and is easier to implement than you think.

Kindness is an energy that is available to everyone but only chosen by some. Kindness gives as good as it gets and is a constant flow of energy from person to person unless it is blocked. Kindness has no favourites and always welcomes newcomers. Kindness will do more to boost your health in mysterious ways than fear ever will. kindness expands our world to open us up to experiences that we never would experience without it and takes us to places that we never knew existed.

We are biologically wired to be kind to ourselves and others when we are born but can sometimes loose this as we grow due to outside influences. Kindness has a positive impact on relationships with loved ones and strangers alike and has a positive feedback on how we see ourselves in the world. By doing good to others you release a nice cocktail of serotonin (aids feelings of well-being) and endorphins (helpers high). Oxytocin is released during experiences of kindness and can lower blood pressure which is such a natural way to deal with medical issues. Kindness towards yourself and others also strengthen your vagus nerve (part of the autonomic nervous system) which gives us even more reason to be as kind as we can. A prescription of kindness therefore, can be just what the doctor ordered.

From anxiety to depression and stress to finding a sense of purpose in life, kindness is one of the most influential changes we can implement in our life to boost our mental health naturally. Being kind to ourselves is the first step in allowing kindness to shape a different life that we create for ourselves. We must be full enough of kindness in ourselves to be able to give it out to the world. Keeping kindness just for ourselves can isolate us from others so when you feel it is time, share the magic of kindness with those around you, Learning to love ourselves though kindness will help us to connect to others and love them just as they are to help us live a more harmonious life.

However you spent World Mental Health day I hope it was filled with kindness in your own life and the lives of those around you. Stepping outside our own problems and using kindness to connect to the world around us helps us rethink our own lives and how we can improve them.

If you want to read more about how kindness can improve your life read The Five Side Effects of Kindness by the amazing Dr David R Hamilton.

Multiple Munch Like Guide Dogs? Interesting.


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What would the world be like with a lot of little Munch like Guide Dogs running around the place? Hmmmm. Let me think.

The 36 million blind and 217 million people with varying degrees of sight loss around the world would be able to live a different way of life. A life where there were less restrictions and limits on their everyday lives and allow them enter into a society that they would otherwise feel isolated from. This new way of life would allow them to replace their losses in life with gains when they would discover the strength within that they never knew they had. Would you like to see such a life change and know that you had been part of it?

A world full of Munch like Guide Dogs would give back independence to people who felt helpless and unsafe whilst out alone. People who would worry about not being able to get around in their own communities that they had lived in for years now that one of the most used senses no longer works. A Munch like Guide Dog would take them to new places not only in the physical world but also in the world that is created in the mind where they learn that trust alone can be the catalyst for change. Would you like be the reason that an individual with sight loss lives in a way that they have never lived before?

Helping an individual with sight loss escape a lonely world that they have been drowning in for years, will make you a superhero that will never be forgotten. In a world where sight loss can make you feel like an alien in a connected world of sighted people, a Guide Dog can feel like the lost half of their soul and help them re-enter a world that they can now feel safe in. The Guide Dog is the missing link to merge the world of the sighted and the sight loss community that do not always understand one another. Will you be the one that wears the superhero cape with pride to help join the two worlds and create unity?

Before Munch came into my world, I have felt all the above and much more. Guide Dogs change lives on so many different levels that the supporters never get to know about. During the month of October, Guide Dogs are setting themselves a very ambitious challenge of fundraising enough money to fund seven new Guide Dogs by October 31st through their Pups to Partnership campaign. If you are feeling generous enough to donate to this worthwhile charity, please visit their website at and be the difference that so many are waiting to see in the world.

I cannot promise that the guide dog that you help to fund will be the same regal thinking, food spillage rescuing. mischief making, other worldly. eccentric, adorable, Shetland pony sized, dramatic Labradoodle that I have been blessed to be paired with, but I can guarantee that they will be perfect for who they end up with. The love that I have for Munch will never fade and I will remain forever grateful for everyone who has been part of the funding and pairing up of our odd sock like qualities to make the perfect matching pair.

If you feel you can help in any way to help create more Munch like guide dogs, please do and may I say thanks in advance. The only question left to ask is, is the world ready for more Munch like guide dogs to be created? Well, at least the world will never be a dull place ever again.

Get Yourself A Maid And Get Writing


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Here we go again. I am in demand. Being this handsome has its challenges let me tell you.

The fans are now waiting outside the car to stroke me and tell me what a good boy I am. The party that was held for me last Saturday night was obviously not enough of a celebration of my awesomeness. Hang on, there is something wrong here, the less hairy two-legged race want to talk to the maid about something non doggy or book related. Why??
Not even a rub into their legs brings the attention to me from the humans. They must think that a half-hearted stroke whilst still averting their eyes from my direction is suffice in how they should address a dog of my status. Do they not know that I am a Labradoodle and therefore have a regal way of being in the world that needs to be acknowledged? What is the world coming too?

It seems a lot of people locally know about the book that I telepathically conveyed to the maid to write and it has allowed me to have more adoration from the people that have always loved me since laying their eyes on me. The maid has had the odd hello too which she should be happy with. To give her credit, she threw me a lovely party to show people how clever I was to write a book despite being a dog.

It was lovely to see around 70 family and friends turn up to celebrate the release of the book and we even managed to raise £252 in a couple of hours for the Guide Dogs. The maid has planned a few more book signings where she will be also raising money from the sale of the books to give to the Guide Dogs charity to train more dogs like me to help people with sight loss. Well, I say like me but I am obviously one of a kind so they will just have to be the average Guide Dog but hey it will have to do.

I have been eavesdropping on the maid’s conversations and apparently, she decided to write the book not just to highlight how utterly divine I am but also for different reasons She has said that she wanted to write the book to talk about the side of sight loss that is never spoken about, being the positives of not getting caught up in a world where we use only our eyes to look at the world. She also wanted to tell people what it is really like living with Marfan Syndrome that is with you from the day you are born until the day you leave this earth plane. She wanted to write it in a positive narrative which is sometimes missing from some other books like this. She wanted to write a book that helped people change the way that they looked at their own adversity in life and look at it in a different way. Reshaping their thoughts by offering a model to work from and answering questions that they never may have asked themselves, is all done on purpose to interact with the reader throughout the book. My idea therefore of the book just being about how your life changes when you have been Munched (the effect I have on people I meet) has been discarded. Ah well, I suppose I will have to deal with it.

If any of you have ever wanted to write a book and have never had the courage to do it, please do it. If I, a regal Labradoodle can do it so can you. The maid had to physically type away for me as I dictated to her obviously as my chunky paws may have got in the way but together, we did it. Wishing you well on your writing path and if you need a member of staff like I did, so be it. I must dash now as I need to turn these two legged less hairy race non dog lovers in front on me into putty in my paws.

If you want to purchase the book it can be found on Amazon and until October 27th, it is at a reduced price of only £1.99/ $1.99 for the kindle edition on Amazon. Happy reading.

The First Day As Published Authors


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How did we celebrate the first day of being published authors? Hmmmm.

Within 20 minutes of waking up on one of the most memorable days of my life, I found myself on my hands and knees in a puddled pothole that felt like it reached the core of the earth. Whilst not ideal, it was at that precise moment that I found out that my knee operation had worked. Yeess!! After 4 years of multiple full and partial knee dislocations, the moment had come when I discovered that the three-hour operation had worked and my knee had remained in place. Celebrating on my knees in this lake like puddle I really was loving life. Munch on the other hand was not.

I had rudely interrupted his walk by being the klutz that I am. He had tried warning me that there was a puddle there and steered me away, but I didn’t listen to the Lord and Master and ended up needing armbands to keep afloat. As I felt his breath on my face as he came close to see if I was okay, I knew I was in the doghouse. As he looked over each shoulder in turn any onlooker would have thought that he was looking for help which he probably was doing but deep down I knew he was checking to see if anyone had seen my stupendous splash that would ruin his image. He knows a lot of dogs and less hairy two-legged race in the area, so I have a sneaky suspicion that that his looking around was more for his benefit than mine. The loud sighs that he gave as I figured out how to get up confirmed my suspicions.

After careful consideration of how I could get out of the puddle without calling the coastguard, the only option that I had was to crawl sideways like a crab (that is if crabs crawled on their knees) to find the grass edge which I knew was near a fence to reach dry land and re-join the upright community. Munch’s silence spoke volumes as he patiently waited for me to shift it so I could continue with our walk. Unfortunately as soon as I got up I realises that my foot was now demanding attention and directing the attention away from the knee. A hobbled step or two later changed our plans of going for a walk and letting Munch have a run on the field as it was hard to weight bare so we headed home. Even a thousand apologise later, a stroppy Munch would still not warm up to me, so I knew that the day had to be about him.

Whilst waiting for a lift to work, a quick doggy massage, play with some toys and a promise to share my lunch with him later, I knew that his icy approach was thawing as I heard the rotation of his helicopter tail rotate as least twice on the floor so I knew his happiness was returning. A soon as we arrived in work, he was greeted by staff who love him and told him how gorgeous he was which he lapped up and some even grunted a quick hello to me which was nice. The day passed in the blink of an eye and we left school on speaking terms which is always a bonus and went home. The original plan was to have a Munch celebration party for him as he was really the inspiration for the book and was merely his secretary in writing it. We had to change plans yet again that day as I had to pop to the hospital to check my grumpy foot out but on the bright side he got to spend tome with my parents who would spoil him and celebrate his book release with him by giving lots of treats and worshiping at his paws.

Leaving hospital with said grumpy foot which was only sprained and had soft tissue damage (a speciality of mine), I went to get the pampered pooch who had gone for a long run with my father and been fed treats and fanned by my mother who is in love with him. Arriving home, we sat and chatted about the day that he appeared on bookstore shelves around the world. To us it was just a normal day on the surface but deep down it was the start of a new way of life. Telling Munch all the lovely supportive comments that we got from friends and family seemed like preaching to the converted as he has always known how loved and supported, he is. Tipping over to his back with legs contently swaying in the air resuming position for a belly rub, he let the beautiful comments fall on his upside-down floppy ears. I promised to behave better the next morning and remain upright just like a normal person.

This new chapter in our same old lives will bring about many changes which I am so excited to explore together. If you ever want to read more about Munch’s tolerance of my embarrassing ways, there are plenty in our book What You See When You Can’t See which can be found on Amazon and many other bookstores.

Your International Day Of Peace


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World Peace Day is a day that I wish could be lived every single day without fail. A day when egos remain asleep and unconditional love wakes up among the seven million souls on this earth. A day that holds no animosity, only respect for one another. Wouldn’t it be great to no longer feel negative about differences, only positive towards accepting another way? Such days do not belong in fiction books alone but can be in our everyday reality if we choose it. There is always a different way.

We may not be able to influence world leaders from the comfort of our homes, but we can always become the leaders in our own world that stands apart from others. Choosing to fight against war will never be as powerful as invoking peace in every area of life that you can. Waiting for others to help with campaigns will never bring you as much satisfaction as you are helping yourself in whatever way you can.

Giving what we can, however we can to help create peace in the world will always make a difference. Have a negativity detox in your life where you only allow in positive energy around you will leave you and others feeling far more peaceful. Being kind to loved ones and strangers alike will break down boundaries between the us and them mentality that creates more separation than unity ever can. Let us be the lead in change in our own community however we can.

Plant a tree to make peace with nature or throw a peace party deep in the woods to connect to the oneness of life. Help in whatever you can in your own community and fill the void that nobody else wants to fill. Give to charity the equivalent of what you would spend on materialistic items you will forget, to make a difference that will never be forgotten. Think of a new way of dealing with old negative patterns that you find yourself repeating and look at the world through fresh new positive eyes.

We do not have to wait until World Peace day of 21st September each year for us to create the peace we want to see in the world. Use this day as the start of a New Year of peaceful living in your own unique style and make the difference that you want to see in the world count.

Can’t You Behave Yourself?


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Get yourself a human they said. It will be fun they said.

This may be true of many humans, but the one I have been paired with seems to be more of a chore than fun. Let me explain my reasons to you and you will soon be nodding your head in agreements with me and sending me your sympathy. This maid of mine is pure hard work.

I was promised during my guide dog training that I would be paired with a suitable “owner” (I got myself a maid) that matches me in personality, need and outlook on life. What I got was a clumsy oaf, someone who is in need of constant supervision and a fairy land dweller who forgets she is on earth. I mean come on, I am none of the above and exude perfection in every moment of my waking and sleeping life. Nevertheless, I find myself here paired with the hired help going through life using my good looks and charm to divert the attention from her numerous faux pas in daily life.

In the above picture you can clearly see my “never again” look as I sit on the floor in a taxi wondering what I have done to deserve this in life.
We had just come back from a party with the publishers in a posh place in London, yet the maid appeared to have not got the memo of the type of place it was. As she got ready my gaze wondered down first of all to her granny sandal clad feet that were apparently her “comfy” shoes as she needed comfortable safety as apposed to glitzy to ensure that her ability to trip over fresh air did not happen to impinge on her healing knee after the operation. What made the hideous sight even worse that she had a ladder in her tights that would have reached the steeple of the tallest cathedral in the world. She did not notice this however until she unpacked her bag after returning home where one of her children pointed it out to her

It was not just the attire that she had on that night that let my image down but her inability to get food or drink safely into her mouth, which is surprising as it is usually opening and closing at a rapid rate as she chatters away to anyone and everyone. Within a matter of minutes of arriving in the party where everyone was immaculate, she managed to tip a quarter of her green juice down her new dress turning her a lovely shade of hulk. She even got it confiscated off her as she attempted to mop up the spinach spillage as she was dangerously close to spilling the remainder of the juice over herself and the person helping her.
Not one to disappoint in the slovenly stakes, a matter of minutes later she managed to create an avocado avalanche off some very tasty toast as it dropped and plopped right by my face. I obviously had to try and help her clean up this mess before too many people saw her clumsiness, so I attempted two licks before I realised that avocado was not for my palate. I allowed the other two legged less hairy human that was with us on the trip to clear up after where my tongue had retreated from cleaning up. The maid had the cheek not to allow me to help myself to the food table with some succulent looking hot and spicy chicken wings and only gave me pieces of the avocado free toast.

She failed to pre warn me that there would be two other dogs there also so obviously her communication skills were deficient that night. I only learnt about the other four-legged hairy dog race when a small dog came up wanting to play with moi. I was obviously being very professional and refused to play and only shot off between two people when she pounced at me at an alarmingly fast pace wanting to play. The maid said that apparently it was my fault that she nearly ended up rugby tackling these two people to the ground as she tried to regain her footing. It is not my fault that my six stone model like body is just too much for her to handle.

She even had the cheek to tell people of some of my more entertaining behaviours that I hold no responsibility for. She took great pleasure in telling people of the time that my two legged less hairy grandmother got caught on my back in a funeral as I was going through her legs to give her a doggy cuddle and I trotted off with her stuck on my back. Apparently, people found this funny as I trotted off into the sunset with my grandmother (with only 25-inch legs) riding me like a backwards facing jockey. Hmmmm, the embarrassing stories I can tell about her would have them in fits of giggles, but I was enough of a gentleman to refrain from doing this.

It was nice to get her in the taxi at the end of the night to get her out of the publics way as we went back to the hotel room so that she could not longer embarrass me and I know that the looks I was giving her in the taxi told her that I really shouldn’t take her out in public again. I thought the shenanigans of the night were over until we got back to the hotel room where there was a funny smell outside of the hotel room. As soon as the maids friend opened the door, the smell became even more pungent. After racking their brains, they finally realised that the offending aroma was coming from the left-over kimchi that the two legged less hairy friends thought would be a good idea to bring back to the hotel from the lush vegan restaurant that they had lunched in. Not even quickly eating it and opening the window for some air could get rid of the smell that they had created. She has the audacity to complain of my natural occurring smells!

Now be honest with me, who do you think is the one that is more embarrassing? The maid who does things like this daily or me, the angelic dog that is perfect? If you ever fancy giving me respite from this great oaf, you are welcome to her but do not say I haven’t warned you about her klutzy ways. Just bring a bib, spare clothes and a public health warning sign with you just in case.

The Countdown Begins


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There is nothing quite like that feeling of when your first copies of your new book arrive.

After months of communicating with the publishers over cover designs, text fonts, pictures and many other behind the scene preparation for the birth of the book baby, it finally arrives. I admire all who have ever self-published as the work that goes into turning into writer to published author is mind blowing. Luckily for me, Hay House is such an awesome publisher to work with, as the knowledge that they possess about every single detail of publishing is amazing and I feel truly blessed to have been published by them. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to give this book the best chance of success.

With endorsements from two of my favourite authors Dr David Hamilton and Robert Holden appearing on both the front and back cover, I already feel full of joy and gratitude that I cannot put into words. When an idea turns into writing that turns into a book, life becomes more than it has ever been before. Stepping foot into the world of literature that will leave your footprint on the world long after your days, is a moreish place that I can imagine that I never want to leave but grow and evolve like many before me. The contagious feeling of creation is one that I hope I will never loose.

Munch has delivered a few author copies books to family members for them to read early. He is beginning to up his diva like demands now as he realises that people will know he is more than just a pretty face as they read what he is really like. He is happy in the knowledge that the aim of this book is to put a smile on the readers face and help them know that whatever they are going through in life that there is always beauty to be found even when it seems that only darkness falls. Munch does not like anyone being down on his watch and he hopes that this will show through in the book.

As these next nine days count down until the book is officially out, we will continue working as a team behind the scenes by doing interviews and promoting it as best we can. Fitting this around our working week is a challenge that is openly accepted and unconditionally loved. We only hope that even if it only puts a smile on one person’s face. it will be worth all the hard work that has gone into it. As September 24th (book birth day) approaches, we will be counting down the number of sleeps until Munch’s face appears on the shelves on bookshops in different countries.

We sincerely hope that whatever idea that you have floating around in your head that you want to create soon manifests into your everyday reality. If you can imagine it, you can do it and there is nothing in this world that can stop you. As we celebrate our exciting time, we wish that all your dreams are also coming true.