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There are some people who seem to fill up a room with charisma as soon as they step foot inside. You must have met the type. You know, the ones with a booming voice, a radiant smile or just a magnetic energy about them. Well, Munch has that effect on a lot of people he meets but I often wonder if it is for the right reason. From having a random Selfie with a group of young girls in a lift, to causing a trolley traffic jam in a local supermarket from his admirers, he rarely enters a place discreetly. His ingrained sense of entitlement comes from not only his Poodle like traits, but I am sure he has a past life memory of being a king and therefore requires everyone to be upstanding for him upon entering a place. I, just a mere maid to his regal ways just hang my head in shame.

As we got on a bus a few days ago, he began gliding down the aisle with the grace of a model. As the “Ooohs” and the “Aaahs” began coming from all directions from the eager spectators, he slowed down for the odd pat from all directions whilst being in model harness clad Guide Dog mode. A new-found fan offered to give up a seat in the front for us to sit down but as he is so big it is easier for us to go in the back, so he can trip up less people. As I thanked the kind lady for the offer but declined, I was about to set off to the back when I realized Munch had sat down in front of this lady and was cuddling in for some fuss. After some persuasion I managed to move him on from this heartbroken fan to find a more spacious seat for us. The same thing happened a few rows back when a lovely man offered to move seats as there was more leg room in his. As the man patted the seat he was on when offering to move, Munch took this as a sign to jump up on the seat to sit next to the man and dive in for a sloppy kiss. As some laughter erupted from some passengers, Munch span his head around to look at his audience and played along even more as I stood holding his harness and lead. Just to clarify, normal Guide Dogs don’t do that as they know they are meant to remain on the floor, but Munch was in full acting mode that day.

After finally getting the Pampered Pooch to get off the mans seat, we made it to the back of the bus and found a suitable place for his to be able to lie down and stretch out. Despite me spending quite a few minutes gently explaining to him he is not allowed on seats and why we needed to come up the back, it was obvious he was still not going to pardon me for not letting him choose his own throne. In the end, when I removed his harness he ended up stretching out on the floor from our seat, across the aisle and onto the feet of a generous man who had given him a bit of chicken so was now his best friend. Such a regal being should have the pick of his thrones, I will have to learn to treat him better.