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At approximately 3.45am on 30th March 2018, a serial rodent and Aves killer (Angus) entered the Palace of King Minster Munch. After a thorough investigation of the Royal Labradoodles Kingdom, it was discovered that the cruel criminal had entered through the bedroom window that had been left open by the lowly staff at the property. The serial small mammal killer, had brought a deceased mouse into the property as a gift to the King. This gift was immediately condemned by the Royal and left him in fear for his own life.

As the Blind maid got out of bed to investigate what the feline hunter had brought in, she halted in her tracks as she heard something being batted from paw to paw. From past experiences, she realized that it would either be a dead rodent or a bird and went to get the tools to swiftly deal with the incident. After feeling her way down the stairs and fumbling around in the cleaning cupboard for a dustpan, brush, bag and cleaning fluid she returned to the scene of the crime. As she could not see where the poor deceased victim was, she had to listen out for the ongoing batting that the feline of the Palace who was continuing the act and grab the chance to intervene. After gently searching for the body by feeling with the dustpan, she located the recently deceased.

King Minster Munch whimpered and whined the whole time as his heart broke at this devastating scene. His fear tears fell both for the innocent victim and for the fact that this feisty feline remained at his Palace, even after months of sending him to Coventry after numerous acts of treason towards such a regal being. Did Angus not know that King Minster Munch should be treated with respect? The staff in his Palace all knew that the Poodle Blood Line in him meant that his sense of entitlement that he portrayed was well and truly earned. His main maid (what non-Royals may call their owner) was originally under the impression that he was there as a Guide Dog to help her get around, but she soon learnt that she was there to serve him on his Royal Duties.

This incident has left the King both shaken and shocked on how brutal Angus can be. Since the incident, he has been even more weary of Angus and now sleeps with one eye open. As soon as Angus enters a room, the King freezes in his tracks and becomes a statue like feature of the room. If Angus approaches too close, he will run and hide behind his maid or other staff members to ensure that he is not next on this brute’s hit list. His reaction when Angus killed a spider in front of him a few months ago was much the same with whimpering yet this new act of brutality has taken it to another level. It is fair to say that Angus’s gift of a successful hunt was rejected by King MInster Munch on an epic scale. He would have much preferred a stolen tennis ball to add to his collection.