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Another fan filled shopping trip completed on duty Minster, my daughter and I headed for the exit. It had been rather a quiet day with only two people stopping to talk to us, so we had completed our shopping in record speed. As we reached the door, I felt a gentle hand being placed on my wrist. A cheerful voice full of mischief leaned in to me and whispered, “Sorry love, but you do know that they haven’t given you a Labrador right”? This was comedy at its best. Weak from laughter, I thanked the man for his helpful observation and headed for the car.

There are two types of people in this world. The first being the over critical lot than seeks out offense in the most innocent situations and will take great pleasure in humiliating another if they so much as introduce humour into a sensitive topic. The second type of people are the ones that have natural wit and humour running through their bodies and don’t think twice about drawing attention to the elephant in the room. I like the second lot best.

Drawing attention to the fact that Minster Munch was not an average Guide Dog was nothing new. How the attention was drawn to the fact on this day was. Implying with good nature that I could not see that he was not the Labrador that everyone expects was so funny. I loved being included in a joke that he obviously saw no harm in. He belonged to a dying breed of people who have the natural ability to see light in an often-darkened place. Blind jokes were among the best around when they came from the right place.

Chatting to my daughter on the way back home, we both agreed how refreshing it was to be able to not take ourselves too seriously and laugh at ourselves. She too has Marfan Syndrome and although her eyes are fine, she has other complex issues that come with the disorder which means life can be quite challenging at times. She never lets this get to her though and I am so proud that she is following her life dream as a student midwife and lives life to the fullest. Remaining positive about living with such a serious condition helps us appreciate the beauty in life itself. It would be so easy to spend our days focussing on the everyday problems that can arise and feel sorry for ourselves but what would be the point?

Taking life too serious will never make us happy. We may not be able to have control over everything in our lives, but we always have a choice on how we let them affect us. Moaning and groaning over the slightest things in life means that we are missing out on amazing opportunities that are waiting for us. The fact that we wake up each morning and are ready to face the day is a miracle in itself yet we rarely appreciate it to its full extent .

I am grateful that this rare breed of funny people still exist in the world, who are not fearful of causing offence. These are the people who I would surround myself with every day. The people that see humour where many dread to tread. The ones who don’t mind their P’s and Q’s. Being politically correct does not enter their minds as they communicate with a person as a person and not as fragile object that needs to be bubble wrapped. Laughing at yourself can be the best therapy ever so laugh away to keep your troubles at bay. With or without a funny looking Guide Dog, choose to make your life a joyous one.