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If Louis Braille had chosen to accept he could not read or write, blind and partially sighted people may have remained isolated from the written word. Sign language as we know it today may never have been developed if Juan Pablo Bonet and other founders had waited around for someone else to publish a text for an alternative form of communication. If Stephen Hawking had feared ALS and focussed on its limits, he would not have contributed so greatly to the world of science through his life-long dedication to research.

Temple Grandin chose to use the beauty of her autism, to become an inspiring lead in the field of psychology and agriculture and has helped raise positive awareness towards disability. It was Viktor Franklins search for meaning that got him through the darkest of times and it was this determination that helped him devise Logotherapy. Had Nick Vujicic been born with limbs, he may not have become one of the worlds leading motivational speakers today inspiring millions.

A world without the Paralympics may restrict people’s idea of what people with disabilities are capable of. Without models with Down Syndrome and amputees now gracing the catwalk with their natural beauty, an archaic view on beauty would still exist. If campaigners had not fought a discriminative system, Equal Opportunity legislation would not exist today.

A life without adversity, can be a futile environment if you are struggling to find your true-life purpose. Many breeze through life without any hurdles yet never seem to discover their life purpose. Then there are the Midas magicians that use their adversity to make these hurdles disappear and their life purpose finds them. As these Midas magicians go through life, they choose to find purpose where others may see misery. Life becomes more precious if you know that it can change in an instant.

The difference in suffering and living your life on purpose, can be from thought alone. One person’s adversity can be another person’s drive. Inspirational people are not born with a magic wand, they develop a magical way of living through the way that they choose to see the world. Living with a disability, health condition or in adverse circumstances can make you question life on a much deeper level than many will ever experience. It is here in the realm of questioning that the true meaning of life can be found.

Finding out your own life purpose can come about in the strangest of ways or it may remain hidden for years. Even in adversity there is beauty to be found by those who wish to look. There are few circumstances in life that are too big to be fought through to create the change that you wish to see. Finding your own life purpose will be the greatest gift to yourself and to the world. So, what will yours be?