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Come in. We have been looking forward to seeing you today. Munch has warmed up your seat ready for you, but he will soon be jumping to the floor when you come in. Sorry in advance for the doggy breath kisses that he wants to smother you with. Can you give our apologise please to whoever washes your clothes, as they will be covered with hair from him cuddling into you. He loves seeing you each week and has no concept of personal space so he just wants to sit next to you and connect.

When he sits by your feet and gives you his paw, he is speaking for both of us as we thank you for showing up and being here with us for the next hour. As he gazes up at you, he sees the most perfect human ever and will never tire of seeing you. He sees you as a friend and will always be loyal and will never leave your side. As he rubs his head into your lap, he is trying to leave a part of him behind, that will stay with you as you go through your day. As he lays down on your feet, he is telling you that you belong to the same pack of warriors that this world so desperately needs more of.

Life outside this room can be tough, but when you are here with us we really want you to know that life can also be full of love. The words that fall out of the bully’s mouths do not belong to you. You are a totally different person than they make you out to be. We know the real you that your loved ones know and adore. We also know the sheer joy that you bring into people’s lives without even knowing it. As the bully lures you away from the real you, we will always keep you anchored to your true self. Our counselling room door will always be the doorway to healing whenever you are ready.

As my Guide Dog becomes your Pet Therapy pal, he waits to see you transform into the person that you want to be. Loving yourself is easier to do when you surround yourself with people who love you. These are the cheerleaders that you need around to help you through the game of life. You may not have met your tribe of people yet, but they are so excited to meet you so search for them in the unlikeliest of places. By changing your surroundings, you are changing your opportunities.

It is impossible to brainwash a waterproof brain so whatever the bully tries to throw at you, it can never hurt if your self-love seal is intact. Don’t allow people to chip away at the perfect human that you are, as a broken you would not be you. Learn to love the life that you were born to lead and don’t let anyone get in your way. I hope that one day soon you can see yourself as the perfect being that Munch sees you as. You too would fall in love with yourself and know the beautiful difference that you make in the lives of others. Just ask Munch.