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Distracting a working Detection Police Dog is not the best of ideas but for Munch it is ideal. In his mind by doing so, he can meet a fellow working dog that he may be able to tempt away from work for a little play. In my mind by doing so, he is showing himself up as a rebel whilst the police dog shows him how he should be behaving. Nevertheless, on this occasion his distraction worked.
We had just boarded a train early to find seats with enough space for Munch to fit comfortably on the floor, when he spotted his opportunity to try and lead an angel astray. A police woman and her detection springer spaniel came into the carriage to check for anything dodgy and they were faced with Munch. She asked if he was okay with dogs and Munch answered her by happily trotting up to them both and sniffed away until his nostrils were content. Acting as a true professional, the springer spaniel said a quick hello to him and then carried on doing his job of sniffing out danger. Munch followed in tow and began sniffing around slightly but was unsure on what they were looking for, so he turned his attention on distracting the lovely police woman again.
She was so sweet and began giving him the fuss that he thought was rightfully his. Asking if he was allowed a treat, he speedily turned into a well-trained dog and sat by her feet and was soon joined by his new-found friend. She kindly gave him a treat along with her dog and gave him some more fuss before she headed off with her furry colleague to do such an amazing job. With a treat filled stomach and a massaged ego from being told how gorgeous he was, he came back to happily lie down on the floor in front of us.
He would never have done that if he was still on harness but as he was chilling on the train and the lovely police woman came up to speak to him first he knew that he could make the contact. That momentary meeting of these 2 working dogs was such a sweet moment and it is as if they both respected that they were working so they kept the interaction short. If it was a non-working dog, Munch would have tried his best to lead him/her astray, but he knew that this would not be allowed. I find it fascinating that he can tell the difference between fellow Guide Dogs that are off duty and other working dogs and will behave so differently with them than other dogs.
On his work harness is printed “Please do not distract me I am a working dog” but I am debating if should have a sign printed for him saying “I am sorry for distracting you, but I just love attention”. I often wonder why I was matched with the Guide Dog that although is amazing at his job, likes to break the rules slightly. Giving him space to be himself is the least that I can do in return for him changing my life forever. Without him, I would not have been on that train travelling with the freedom that he has brought into my life. I hope this rebel with a cause never changes his ways as he is the best version of himself. With such an expressive face, people can’t help but be distracted. He really is one of a kind.