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Apparently, the world is a place full of disasters, suffering and misery where negativity reigns over the masses and keeps them from living the life that they really want to live. In this place, happiness is only limited to the chosen few and withheld form many. People are blocked from doing what they really want to do by the social constraints that are unfairly forced upon them by people in power and they can never do anything to change this. People in this negative world cannot control which way their life goes as they do not posses all that they need. This place sounds like such a soul-destroying place to live in. I am so glad I live elsewhere.

My alien invasion on this world that others speak of, makes me eternally thankful that my reality is so much different. The world in which I live is full of miracles, blessings and bliss where positivity is available to all to help them achieve the life that they really want to live. In this place, happiness is available to all and withheld from none. People are free to do whatever they want to do by their innate drive to want to succeed and by the support from the people in which they choose to surround themselves by. People in this positive world chose the direction of their life and the thoughts that they think by realising the simple things in life are all that they need to achieve the unachievable. This reality is such a magical place to live in, I am so glad that I live here and wish we all would.

The world in which we all live in, is the same world regardless of how we wish to see it. Choice on our external circumstances may be limited but we always have a multitude of choices available to us on how we perceive our internal reactions to these, it is only our limiting beliefs that close or minds off to living our life to the fullest regardless of the resources we have available to us. Sometimes it is the challenges in life that give us the most positive outcomes, as growth sometimes needs resistance to make it worthwhile.

My life may have never been easy, but I have always been thankful. As my friends in childhood led carefree lives, I was in hospitals for tests, scans and treatments but I never once saw this as unfair. I was thankful that I had the care that I needed. As I had operations over time when others remained scar free, I was thankful that we live in an age where things can be fixed. Loosing the blurry sight that I was born with made me thankful for the other senses that I still had and use to understand the world that others talked about. Experiencing pain from childhood from injuries that most will never experience, makes you thankful that you feel the pain as at least you know you have the gift of life. Being born with a connective tissue disorder that can affect all your body systems makes you feel blessed that you are still alive when others are sadly not.

We always have the choice on how we see the world. Saying to people that I have never seen the negatives in life is never an easy thing as there always seems to be more of them than me. I think that there is always something proactive that we can do about the less than desirable things in life to change it. My positivity default is unlikely to change in a life that has been so kind to me so if I donโ€™t feed into the negativity default of a situation it is not because I do not care. It is the exact opposite. Switching from the negative to the positive default setting is the best way to help another so I am always ready to help flick your switch if you ever need it.