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You must have seen or heard them. Those adverts of adorable Guide Dogs that appear on T.V. and Radio highlighting the amazing work that they do to help people with sight loss remain independent in life and are the lifeline to many. The training that these dogs go through is immense and not all qualify due to the intense standard that they have to pass to make it. They obey commands, act with initative and selflessly serve the person that they are paired with, basically they are super dogs. With all of this in mind, I often stop and wonder how I ended up with ……… this!

Please don’t get me wrong, I mean I love him so much, but I often wonder how did he qualify? He was even a demonstration dog for the Guide Dogs whilst in training although nobody can quite figure out what he was meant to be demonstrating! His off-duty Munch qualities never cease to entertain as his big personality is always on show but his on duty Minster like qualities should show professionalism. Hmmmm.

Whilst at a friend’s monthly networking event last week, it was our turn to go and speak. I knew it was going too well when I told him to sit and he obeyed first time around. I mean, he never obeys first time around unless there is food involved (I am sure he must have been snoozing during the obedience part of his training). My suspicions were right to be raised when mid first sentence, my little 5’2” Minster Munch gently hopped up on his back legs like a lamb to try and steal the microphone. Not once but twice although I think that he felt the audience laughter was his encouragement to do it the second time.

Making his presence known is one of his specialities, so to add to his debut performance he also decided to leave the audience with an aroma that could only be produced by a dog or a rotten corpse. As we swam back to our seats after our brief talk, through the thick eye watering decomposing stench from his derriere, I questioned yet again how he had made it to be a Guide Dog. He certainly belonges more on stage than he did on harness.

We are starting to do some speaking events for Guide Dogs from next month on so maybe this is just a preview of what we have in store for us, Maybe I should request an extra mic at his level for each event to ensure he has his say? Maybe a spotlight could be placed above him on stage as he sits on a throne to direct the attention to the correct place? Whatever the future holds, I think we had better get perfecting his pawtograph ready for his fans as he steals each show. This Diva really knows how to make an impression!