Each day we write a new page in the life that is ours to do what we want with. The beauty in humanity is that the mix of stories that cascade down through time to create a pool of knowledge, helps us understand what is possible for us to create in our own lives. Hearing the stories of others can either propel us forward in similar direction or dissuade us from such a direction and take another route.

The power of a story from another is hard to ignore completely. From listening to someone’s culinary experience to what drove them to take on a challenge of a lifetime, our opinions will lead us to follow or do our own thing. What is important is that if we are to learn from a teacher, we need to ensure that the subject is worth learning about in the first place. If the subject will not move us forward in life, then maybe it is not worth learning and finding a new teacher may be a better choice.

Yesterday, Munch and I were invited to talk at an event held by a friend of mine on how to manifest the life that you really want to live. In it were speakers that were really motivational people who had faced challenges in life and had used these challenges to transform their lives for the better. From living with a life limiting condition to breaking free from cultural restraints, these people had used the barriers as the stepping stone that they needed to reach the unimaginable.

Being surrounded by such amazing barrier smashers was such a privilege, where I would have loved to stay for eternity. They had managed to use their life stories to unlock the world of endless possibilities by seeing their adversity as a reason not an excuse. Hiccuping through life may have caused a stop/start momentum to be a permanent fixture but at least they chose to always start again and not stop in a pothole where many may have stayed.

When challenges are presented to us, we always have a choice to see these as reasons or excuses. You can guarantee that many before you will have been given exactly the same challenge, as will many after you. Don’t let these challenges to be the excuse that you never got to live the life that you wanted to live but let it be the reason that you lived the life that you really wanted to live. Your life story may be the one that someone remembers as they write their story for all of the right reasons. As your story cascades down into the pool of knowledge that will always live on, enjoy each new page that you choose to write.