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Happiness is a state accessible to all, but only chosen by some. If we sat back and let animals teach us a thing or two about the correlation between simplicity and happiness, we would live in a far more tranquil world. Here are the top ten tips that my furry Guru has taught me over the last nearly two years.
1. Treat everyone as your friend. I admit that licking everyone you see may not be the best option but meeting people with fresh enthusiasm brightens up the day for you both.
2. Explore, explore, explore. Doing the same thing in the same way everyday will only bring the same results. Stale minds can find it hard to find happiness in habits so expand your horizons to find happiness in places that you never knew existed.
3. Don’t stress about fiction. Differentiate between fact and fiction. No animal spends time fretting over the “what if’” in life but only deal with situations that that are in front of them. Why worry about something that may never happen instead of enjoying what is?
4. Live for the now and forget the how. Don’t plan your life away just do what makes you happy. Animals always trust in the unknown source of their survival. Each day is an opportunity to fall in love with your life if you wish to do so.
5. At every given opportunity, play. Forgetting how to play is the root cause of much unhappiness if life. Mimicking the spontaneous funny five minutes of playful fun seen in many animals, can recharge our batteries and help us rediscover the fun in the monotony in life.
6. Be peacefully strong. The stronger the animal, the more peaceful they can be. Inner strength from knowing your capabilities is far better than trying to overt your power over another to try and convince yourself and others of your strength.
7. Communication is key. Picking up on the spoken and unspoken word early on can keep conflict at bay. Interaction can not be a success by speaking and not listening. Cooperation is key to live in harmony with others.
8. Always be yourself. We fall in love with animals for their quirky ways and we should do the same for humans. Celebrating the individuality of over 7 billion people in the world is an easier task if you can learn to celebrate your own individuality.
9. Show compassion even when it is hard. Interspecies friendships show no boundaries’ even when it is difficult. Learning the needs and wishes of another helps us move beyond ourselves and be more compassionate.
10. Spread your magic wherever you go. Each living being has a way about them that will attract the masses. If every being in the world left a trail of their beautiful essence wherever they visit, happiness would be nothing but inevitable.
Munch’s manifesto of hsppiness is my go-to place of enlightenment in times of uncertainty. I know he won’t mind if you ever feel like visiting it too.