Okay, one last sneaky peak. Hmmmm, I have been right all along. He is certainly not one of us. I like his smell though, Smelling his butt earlier let me know that he is a friend I would love to get to know. I know he is obviously a dog but he looks like he belongs to the non – guide dogs of the world and not to our gang. He is wearing one of our harnesses though so what is going on? I know I am what is called a Golden Labrador as my daddy always introduces me as one to the people we meet. I know lots of other Labradors, Golden Retrievers and German Shepards guide dogs that I meet up with in meetings like this. This one however (who his mother calls Munch) is not one of us, he is ….a little different.

We were so excited to see each other when we first met this morning by the front door that we both found for our owners. The great thing about being around other guide dogs like myself is that we get to go places other dogs can’t. We know not to pee on floors or bark noisly whilst indoors. We are meant to ignore friendly reaching hands as they pass us by and we know to not take food from anywhere or get distracted when we are working. Munch and myself could get up to some mischief if we were off duty but for now we had better behave as we have learnt to do through our many years of training. Today however, it is not us doing training but it is our owners (or our mammy and daddy as we like to call them) that are doing training. They are training to become guide dog speakers so that they can go and help spread the word of what we clever dogs do.

During the training today , our two legged friends have talked about their sight loss and learnt how to talk to groups of people and learn about the different ways they can help people know more about fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness about the charity. When I was happily going under the table from person to person, Munch lay there watching me. He was making people go up to him and give him lots of strokes like he was a king and wanted everyone to bow down to him. I think that he may act a little different from other guide dogs like myself. He seems to make his mammy work hard for him and not the other way around. Hmmm, maybe he is on to something there.

I hope that Munch and his mammy will have as much fun as I know I will with my daddy as they go around talking to groups of people about guide dogs. The more people know about guide dogs like us the better. Maybe I will meet more odd looking guide dogs like Munch as I do my talks. He really is chilled out but I know deep down he is a mischief maker just like me. I think actually he could teach me a few mischievous ways if I let him. He may not look like the rest of us but I know he works just as hard and has just as much love to give to everyone he meets. My new found friend is perfect just as he is. Looking different seems to work for him as everyone wants to know about him. Do you think daddy will let me have some grey hair chalks to make me look like Munch? I wonder….