Panic over! He behaved himself. More surprisingly, so did I!

Bow tie on, hair brushed and some doggy aftershave applied he was ready for his big entrance. Being the only dog at the party in the posh part of London, I wanted to make sure that he made the right impression and did not go into full Munch mode. I was lucky as he remained in level headed Minster mode and acted like a professional. Well, that is until his harness came off.

Walking into the publishing party was a wish come true and I totally forgot Munch was with me. I don’t mean that in a harsh way but over the last two years we have kind of morphed into one and I forget where he ends and I begin. With friendly familiar voices greeting us. we stepped into the places where the voices behind best selling books transformed into human form. This was my version of heaven.

Prancing in with attitude, Munch led us to a corner which he claimed as his own for the rest of the night. Whether it was intuition that led him there or an inviting smell, it was the perfect place for his presence to be noticed. As the night went on, more and more new fans came up and fell head over heels in love with him. Many took pictures with him, some rolled on the floor playing with him whilst others gazed down at his sweet inviting face. He was certainly noticed for all the right reasons.

At one point even the angelic sounding singer came off the stage to meet him and spend some time kneeling in front of him showering him with love whilst he repaid the attention with a multitude of sloppy kisses. From authors to office staff, press to waiting staff, a conveyor belt of the purest people ever past and took time to welcome Munch and I. As his ego grew slightly bigger, my heart grew with pure love and gratitude.

Here we were standing in a room full of people that I had always admired but never thought I would meet especially all at once. Some of the best authors in the field of spirituality and self-help were introducing themselves to us. How did this happen? The dedicated staff at the publishing house that turned author’s manuscripts into best-selling books were here. How did we end up being in the same room as such beautiful inspiring souls? I felt like the luckiest person alive.

I spoke to authors that I had always admired and lovingly followed their work over the years. Many were new authors that I had not read the work of but have since downloaded their audiobooks and I am so glad I have found their work. Everyone that we met was so welcoming and had the warmest of energy about them. It may sound like a cliche but it really did feel like we were being welcomed into the most loving family that you could ever wish for. There was one life changing sentence that was spoken that night that helped me believe that I am now an author just like them.

When I heard the words “Zena hi. How are you? I absolutely love your book”, come out of my favourite authors mouth I could not find the words to equate my disbelief. Dr David Hamilton who I have read and listened to all of his books and been to many of his talks, stood in front of me telling me that he was a quarter of the way through reading my book and was preparing to write a forward to it. I was in a pure state of bliss.

When we make life happen for us and not to us, dreams can become a reality. If I had not lost even more of my sight and been gifted the most unique special guide dog ever, I would not have thought about writing a book. If I had not have attended a Hay House Writers workshop and listen to my inner critic saying my writing wasn’t good enough, I would not have put together a book proposal to the publisher that I had admired for years. I would not have heard these life changing words from my favourite author had I not had a go.

Whatever you want to happen in your life, start making the steps to meet it half way. Guaranteed, whatever you are waiting for is also waiting for you. You can create whatever you want in life and more if you let yourself.