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2018 was one of those years that is hard to beat.

I don’t believe we can ever have a fully bad year but do know that bad things can happen in a year which can leave us celebrating its departure as we step into a new year. Even in times of crisis in life, there are momentary glimpses of hope and beauty that exist through the cracks in the crisis. These evolutionary prompts that make us change direction in life, can feel like torture for the soul, but without them how could we ever grow from normal to extraordinary? A challenging year shows you everything that you are capable of overcoming.

Great years in your life help you push forward, and you become a force to be reckoned with. In such years of gold dust where dreams become a reality and the universe gifts you a Midas path to walk upon, you claim what is rightfully yours upon the way. Old barriers become new opportunities and time becomes an illusion as you achieve things at record speed in miraculous ways. It is a year like this that we have just leaped out of and know that 2019 will be an even better year.

As the seconds of the New year clock tick, we will still be the same. Munch will be as majestic as ever and I will be permissive of him as ever. Our authenticity will be as stagnant as ever as we go through life happy in our skin. As Munch carries his wise sage spirit into 2019 in his unconventional guide dog body, I will follow him in my body made for comfort not speed. We may attempt to look more ‘society approved’ if we ever lose who we truly are although I don’t think this will happen.

Our love of life will be the theme that runs through the year, like it has in every other that we have lived. Along the way, we will see hope where others may see despair and know that everything always works out in the end. As Munch sniffs out, new adventures that he can follow, I will be led by my furry partner in crime and trust that all adventures lead to new discoveries with twists and turns along the way. Doing the same old thing day in day out has never been our idea of bliss so we are not about to start doing it now. The new adventures from our forever bond will be worth every step along the way.

Being led out of the invisible world to the visible one by attention seeking Munch, will allow our horizons to be broadened. From living with a hidden disability to being plonked in the limelight, life will never be the same again. Munch my Guru is a leader that I know walks his walk and just oozes serenity in a sometimes-chaotic world. If I can give even a fraction of the unconditional love to others as Munch gives, we will be able to see the beauty in everyone that we meet in the coming year.

New Years resolutions are not for us. Natural life changes are. If we can stick with the core of the way of being that has got us through 2018, I know that this coming year will be even more amazing as we fit into the natural evolution of our lives. We wish you all the 2019 that you really want to live and know that the you that people know and love is more than good enough. Much love and keep evolving.