This should be interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I really love this sweet hairy bear of mine and know he is amazing at his job but doing what you want him to do? Not his strongest point. On harness he listens to commands, guides with grace and keeps me safe but then there is the off-duty version who is the opposite. Why did I not think of the latter when the phone call came? My optimism always leads me astray and this time will be no exception. Telling him the news after I put the receiver down triggered a head tilt as he listened carefully to what I was saying. I cannot be 100% sure but I am sure there was a little smirk on his face just before he sighed loudly and placed his head back on the pillow and continued his snooze. It was obvious that he was up for the challenge of being filmed but I on the other hand was dreading it.

Being asked by one of the lovely members of staff at guide dogs if they could film Munch for a BBC documentary sounded like a good idea. I agreed almost straight away as to be fair I would do anything possible to try and repay the gift of having Munch, so it seemed the least I could do. It wasn’t until that possible smirk and sigh from Munch that I knew that it may not go as smoothly as planned. The key thing I forgot to consider was who it involved…Munch. If you have read about any of his antics you may know that he tends to create a little mischief wherever he goes so an acrobatic team began preforming in my stomach as I thought about what the camera will catch. His on-harness Minster character should be TV worthy but his off-harness Munch character…………? Oh God……

The good news is that they are filming in one of the schools that we work in so technically, if he is filmed on harness walking around all should be good. It is the off harness version they film, that may be a little problematic. Let loose in our room his mood is the deciding factor in how he behaves. If his playful side comes out, he may get up close and personal with the camera, roll around dramatically as if he is auditioning for a Hollywood film or hide and play peek a boo as they try to film him. If he choses to go into his wise old sage mode, he may pose for the camera, react on cue to what I am saying about him or just sit nonchalant on his bed pretending not to listen.
The other option is that he could go into his normal attention seeking ways and know that the film crew is there for him. In the past when we have done some public speaking, he just loves to steal the show. From jumping up to try and steal the microphone from me to “talking” over my voice whilst having his back to the audience, his diva like qualities comes alive when cameras are around. I am unsure therefore, what to expect this time around as this time he will be filmed for his biggest audience yet.

The documentary will focus on how these amazing animals help people with sight loss and I know the other three dogs that are being filmed will demonstrate the beautiful life changing efficiency of these dogs. There always must be one through that is a little different and I think Munch will quite happily be that one.
Whatever the result of the filming, I know he will act exactly as he needs to. Be it impeccable, mischievous or dramatic he will just be himself. I will let you know how it all went after we film in two weeks-time whether there are cringe-worthy capers involved or star like quality. I have a sneaky feeling that he may believe that this is the first step to the making of Munch the Movie. Oh dear, what a thought