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Have you ever been to a Children’s concert where there is that one child that is happily doing their own thing whilst every other child does what they are meant to do? Well, Munch is the canine equivalent to that. During our free runs, most other dogs can be found near the heel of their owner and listening obediently. Then there are the Munch type of dogs that explore every corner of the open space that they can find. Tongues flopping freely out of one corner of the mouths, these dogs seem to be oblivious to anything else but opportunities.

Munch’s version of a good time includes an abundance of grass, easily led dogs to corrupt, rivers to practice his aqua aerobics in and muddy puddles to splash in. Anything else is a bonus. If stray sticks end up as a temporary play object, so be it. Passing dog walkers who part with a treat or two, all the better. A fenced off field full of friendly looking cows to prance over to say hello to, just his thing. A ditch full of muddy water to accidently fall into but remains playing in for a while, his idea of heaven. Combine all of these and you get one happy dog.

When we got asked out on a doggy play date, I knew that he would be one very happy dog. When Dolly the stunning chocolate Labrador and Rocky the handsome Chihuahua come to pick us up to go to a dog friendly country park, he was so happy. When we got there, he was the first to leap out of the car to execute his mission to run like the wind. As Dolly and Rocky had the odd sniff, Munch was miles ahead in any obscure places he could find. My panic for his whereabouts was always calmed by my kind sighted friend.

Even when our shoes were sinking in soggy mud on the wrong path we accidently took and my arms resembled a windmill trying to stay upright, he rustled away in some far away bush. Dolly and Rocky remained with us as we comically carried on and my friend become my caring guide as my guide dog was away on his travels without a care in the world. The guiding long cane, a steady replacement for Munch, never stopped to sniff or pee once so all was good. Hearing his high-speed running in surround sound around us, made me so happy as I knew his heart was content.

Being in harness by my left-hand side when he is working must be so tiring for him and it shows his dedication to his jobs which I will always appreciate. This free-spirited off duty side to him is the one that I love to see the most though as he floppily bounces through nature doing his own thing in his own way. As he goes away on his adventures that he will come back from soaking and caked in mud, I cheer him on and know that he needs this space to be himself.

Being the one that always gets away can be so much fun.