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I only stumbled down a couple of steps once. What a result.

Being in a monotone room may sound like paradise for many, but if you have any type of sight loss, when the seats, carpets, steps, bar and doors are all varying shades of brown, it is not the ideal, but it is just how some rugby clubs are. Luckily my son and daughter were in front of me to stop me falling too far and injuring any of the excited souls that were running around.

It was my granddaughters 3rd Birthday party and there were squeals of delight coming from all directions. I just love the sound of happy children.
Munch had temporarily left the building and gone for his second walk of the party. He had just done a two mile walk with my lovely father who adored him and now his chief dog walker had arrived to take him for a play on the field, so he was one happy dog.

Around me, family and friends were my eyes and confirmed in my ear who was standing in front of me talking to me. Due to their sweet helpfulness I could imagine what was going on around me even if I couldn’t see. Only once I went to pick up the wrong child for a cuddle thinking it was my granddaughter. Oops. Lucky the parents understood.

With the sound of the fan keeping the bouncy castle up and small bare feet hitting it, I knew that the children were having a fun time. Listening to multiple conversations going on all around me, it was clear that it was a nice time for friends and family to catch up as the children played. The enticing smell of the lovely food that my son-in-law had prepared quietened the groans of rumbling stomachs and made them content. The room went from cold to warm as energetic bodies zoomed around in true child bliss.

Sensing all this excitement made me so happy knowing that everyone had a great time. One of the best moments was when my granddaughter had come to me for a loving cuddle and Munch arrived back in the building and she went over to give him the biggest hug ever and said “I love you so much Munch. Thank you for coming”, which he answered to with a kiss. They have been best pals since she met him when he came to us when she was nine months old. His love for her goes way beyond her food dropping habits and her love for him goes way beyond showing up at her parties.
Their sweet loving souls are reflected in each other and they accept one other just as they are. Friends come in all shapes, sizes and hairiness and each one brings us something different. These two sweet mischievous souls will celebrate many more birthdays together which fills me with so much joy.

True friendship is a meeting of connected souls regardless of our species. Keep smiling through life my beautiful angels, I love you always.