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“Sorry sugar cube. One more early morning and I swear you can have a long lie in”. I reasoned with the unreasonable.
Mornings really aren’t his thing. Munch was not one of these dogs that I have heard of that loved early mornings and greets their owners with masses of kisses when they clap eyes on them for the first time each morning. Munch was more of a ‘Stroke me, massage me, kiss me and tell me how awesome I am before I even think about opening me eyes’ kind of dog. I learnt this the first week we met which was totally okay with me from the start. I know cold shoulder from such a warm-hearted soul can be a dent to the ego. but mornings are just not his thing.

Among his loud sighs. eye rolls and silent treatment he showered upon me we made it to work early which meant we had time for a quick game of catch with his ball. The intention was to play catch, but it turned more into a slow game of squash as I threw and the only one there to play was the stoic wall which to be honest was giving me far more attention than Munch was that day. Not even his favourite squeaky toy cow could tempt him to play. I was a little worried that he may be coming down with something as he was moodier than usual.

Throughout the morning he kept coming over to my bag with lunch in, sniffed it, looked at me and slumped off away to his bed. No amount of coaxing him with fuss and love seemed to cheer him up. Lunchtime when we settled down on his bed for lunch (we always share) I realized I had forgotten his favourite vegan cheese and spinach wrap that we had most days. His little whines let me know that he wasn’t impressed at all and that is why I was well and truly in the dog house. Refusing dried mango and yoghurt that was in the bag, he grabbed his bed in his mouth, turned his back and stomped off to have a mega tantrum. My apologize fell on his closed off ears and a cheese deprived soul.
His cheese less lunch fuelled rage hung heavily in the air all day. He showered affection on the clients that we saw as he sat in front of them and gave them his paw for some fuss and turned his back on me in protest. I did begin to wonder if he may have a slight cheese addiction. To test my theory of this was the reason for his diva like strop that day, I made his favourite cheese filled wrap when we got home to share with him and as expected, he returned to his usual loving self. Since then, I have been cautious to never forget his daily treat and he has been kind enough to allow me back into his good books.The way to this male heart really is though his stomach.