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I have a date!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!

Is it a date with a hot Will Smith? A sizzling Tom Hardy? A mouth-watering Bradley Cooper?? Well in my mind I may have had a date or two with these hotties, but this date does not involve a man. No, this date is all to do with the launch of my book.

The 24th September 2019 will not only be the day that my youngest son turns 16 but my book What You see When You Can’t See will be out in print form, e-book and Audiobook through Hay House UK. Excited is an understatement of how I feel. It has been 16 months since submitting the manuscript to the publisher and after some awesome editing, a fantastic cover design and a lot of work from the publishing house behind the scene, the official Book Birth Day has been announced.

The blurb on the back cover has been finalised and the accessible font in the book been decided upon so all is ready for the book to go to print on the symbolic Summer Solstice day of 21st June where I hope this new project will bring about much happiness. I am crossing my fingers that the reader will enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it but if they don’t that is okay too. I do hope that this book will bring a little insight into a world that many know little about.

Sight loss is a thing that is so hard to explain to others due to the very nature of the individuality of loosing one of our most treasured senses. I hope therefore that this book helps the reader to understand another aspect of sight loss that is not talked about often. Many know the devastation of how life is forced to change in a new unfair world but what about the beauty that can also be found here?

The book focusses less on doom and gloom and more on how to bliss and bloom through life when you are faced with adversity. Every good book obviously must have an enchanting main character to entertain the reader and the main character here comes in the form of a hairy, pony-sized, mischievous, regal Labradoodle that is commonly know as Munch. Anyone who has been following this blog knows that entertainment is Munch’s middle name. So be prepared for a couple of chuckles.

My hope is that not only can we bring a smile to the readers face from inviting them into our world but also raise awareness about sight loss and the wonderful work of guide dogs. Without meeting my adorable hairy bear Munch, I would not have been able to live the full life I do today, written the book or even been here blogging. Turning day dreams into a book that will be released world-wide, is a dream come true.

If you fancy a sneaky peek at the book, click on the links below to have a quick browse. Thanks in advance and I look forward to meeting you through the pages of the book. Love and blessings.