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Some have suggested that Munch the Dogi has yoga and meditation down to a fine art. If you celebrated World Mediation Day on 21st May with some Zen and blissed out way of being by meditating, you will appreciate Munch’s take on his favourite past time. If you are new to meditation, Munch has kindly given you a few beginners tips to taking up the soul feeding activity. Since he entered my life two and a half years ago, we have meditated twice a day together so this Dogi really knows his stuff. So, sit back, relax and learn how to meditate in style from this hairy leader.

Step 1 – Find a comfy place to sit or lie down. Munch tends to seek out a pile of newly ironed clothes, on top of important documents or sharing his six stone enlightened body sprawled across another body in a relaxed pose. Please feel free to use a chair or to lie on the floor or bed if none of the above appeal to you.

Step 2 – Concentrate on you breathe. As soon as that comfortable place is found, Munch enters straight into deep breathe work. To the untrained ear it may sound like a snore, but he is just connecting to and mimicking the vibration of the universe. If you wish to follow the snore free approach please breathe in through your nose for a count of three, hold for three and then breath out from your mouth for a count of three. Repeat and feel your body become more and more relaxed.

Step 3 – Feel your body relax. Munch the master in this field shows us how important this step is. He merges into the surface that he is laying on and will become one with it. He has transcended to the highest possible level of relaxation and can remain here for hours regardless of any commotion that goes on around him. Relax each body part in turn from your head down to your feet one by one and feel supported by the surface that you are on just like the master does.

Step 4 – Block out distraction. Regardless of how many times you call his name, the severity of the stench that he releases during this relaxation period and rustle of his work harness, he will remain in this zen like existence. Munch’s top tip here is to leave the world carry on around you and you carry on in the blissful world you have entered.

Step 5 – Scan your body and adjust. On the rare occasions that Munch moves from his settled meditative pose, it is because there may be a little discomfort in an area of his body so he needs to readjust. He may often flip over onto his back, put his paws in the air and use a little contortion to get comfortable. If legs in the air and contortion does not sound like your thing, just do whatever you can to feel at ease. The contortion will come with practice.

Step 6 – Let your mind wonder and empty. During this meditative state, Munch never gets caught up in the “how am I going to retrieve the stick from the river” or the “do you think they noticed that I borrowed the cat’s food again” trivialities in life. No, he just notices these thoughts and lets them go. Take a leaf out of his book and allow yourself to notice thoughts but do not attach to them and leave them casually go out of your head as casually as they entered.

Step 7 – Enter your happy zone. Thoughts of a food factory, swimming with swans, free runs and body massages are just a few examples of happy zone places that Munch thinks of in his meditations. Such places will bring him a sense of peace and tranquillity and fill his heart with joy which he will later bring back to the waking life. He knows that he can think of these places anytime things get a little tough. Think of a place that brings you with such joy and feel yourself in this happy zone in meditation and return to anytime you feel the need to.

Step 8 – Wait for a message. When Munch returns to terra firma after a meditation, you can guarantee that he will do something a little mischievous but we all know that it is not his fault as he was only listening to messages from this spirit guides. Listen out for messages in your meditations and act on them. If they lead to mischief remember you were just acting on guidance, if it is a good enough excuse for Munch it is good enough for you.

Step 9 – Come back gently into your body. Unfortunately, when Munch has come back too quick from his mediations into the waking life he has fallen off a bed or two, walked into a door whilst one paw is still in a different realm and spent a good five minutes wondering what his name is , so come back whenever you are ready and not before. Maybe waking your body up slowly by moving your fingers and toes gently then other body parts before opening your eyes is a good idea. Only move when you are ready.

Step 10 – Smile. The most effective way to end a meditation is to wake up with a heart felt smile as you bring the joy and peace back from your altered state of consciousness. A heart melting smile is infectious and one of Munch’s favourite qualities. Smile away to keep misery at bay.

Whether you practice Loving Kindness, Mindfulness, Transcendental or any other type of meditation, enjoy it to the max. With lowered blood pressure, stress and anxiety reduction, improved sleep, increased kindness and many other benefits, why would you not want to meditate, Munch the Dogi is always here if you need any help and guidance with your practice. Happy meditating.