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How has it come to this? Is it really the responsibility of an 11-year-old girl to clean up what others have left behind?

The picnics enjoyed, but not cleaned up. Wrappers of long digested food dancing in the wind that leads the cheery colourful food huggers astray and into the river which was once pure. The thoughtless soul that evicted the mattress out of its carefree home and threw it down the bank to take up its new home in the water below. From free flow to dam like qualities in an instant, such alien objects in a tranquil scene can only cause harm to all.

As she scoops up things that she has never owned out of her friend, the home of the fish, she places it in the bag ready for the bin. This girl wise beyond her years knows deep down that even her best intentions to clean up the mess that she never made, may not make much of a difference. Her heart sinks as she knows that even when put in the recycling, it does not mean that she will really be making a difference as its outcome is out of her hands. Will it be turned into something new or will it end up in some other water hundreds of miles away?

With fingers crossed and a picture of a better future for all, she keeps doing things that others do not seem to care to do. Her heart you see, loves all living beings and she will do anything to protect the living beings that she feels so deeply connected to. Her weekly visit to this long stretch of river will never cease until she sees the difference that she is hoping for in the world. Ignoring the pleas of her friends to go for shopping and for pizza she tells them that she is busy with family because to her, the fish are as lovable as her own family.

Her secret clears ups are not for others to know. They are there for the water dwellers to experience and live freely because of her act. The images of sea life devasted by the effects of plastics in the oceans caused a hurt in her that she needs to heal. This is her way of doing whatever she can to help in her own hometown. The world is a big place to change on her own but her own world that exists is as changeable as she wants it to be.

When we do every little bit to help in any way we can, we help on a much larger scale that we will ever know. If every 7 million “we’s” in the world chose to help in their own way with passion, there may be far fewer problems to fix.

This post was written after speaking to a young girl who will be a future leader in change to life as we know it, I am sure of it. Her passion about creating change will always remain with me.