“So, tell me, what was it like to write the book because it is a big thing to do”, the lovely hosts voice questioned. “Well, I only started off writing a few lines about what it was like when you can’t see and it’s kind of evolved into a book” I replied honestly.

There are people who spend years working on their book to get them to the level of perfection that they want them to be at and there is a sliding scale of authors who write their books as if by accident. I so admire authors who put their heart and soul into creating the beautiful masterpieces and go through the highs and lows of the emotional commitment that they make to their book and their readers by creating a true reflection of their awesomeness. I really admire every author that writes the books that their readers are waiting to devour and here I am still feeling like an imposter in the land of the established authors .

I was being pre-recorded for a radio show that will be aired in around ten weeks’ time to coincide with the books release and an hour earlier my narrator on my laptop was busy chatting away to me to remind me of what I had written about in the book. Was this how all authors were or was it just me? The thing is, since completing writing the book I have written another and am currently nearly half of the way through writing a novel, so I needed a little prompting about everything I had written. The only parts that I didn’t need reminding about was the mischievous antics of Munch and the utter unconditional love that he has brought into my life. Those are etched in my mind and heart for eternity.

Knowing that the book is being released in just ten weeks brings about a cocktail of emotions. The dreaded question that many authors feel of what people will they know will think about the book is mixed in with the happy feeling that people may want to know what sight loss and life with a guide dog is really like. The hope that this book will help people rethink how they feel about their own disabilies, health conditions and adversities in a more positive way is a reason why I am excited for its release. Whatever happens with the book, it has been fun writing it and Munch’s mischievous side will now be known to many.

Regarding the interview on the radio, it went relatively well despite a few hesitations, I hope most people will get what my common Welsh accent was trying to say. When the programme that was recorded for the RNIB Connect Read on Audiobook programme is aired I will try and share the link. The secret life of Munch that you all read about is not really mentioned on air, but I hope people will chuckle and play catch up with the stories of Munch that some of you already know when they read or listen to the book. Maybe I will have to write a sequel about his Lordships antics to keep readers entertained. Now where could I begin….