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So, the knee operation went well, and it is beginning to heal nicely. Most importantly though, I know you are all wondering how Munch has coped with it all. Here is a quick rundown of how he coped on op day.

7.30am – We arrived at the hospital and were shown to our own cubicle as they aware that Munch was coming in with me. As soon as we entered the room and the nurse left to get the paperwork to fill in, Munch went to jump up on the bed immediately. I caught him mid air and firmly told him to get down before Infection control on the ward had a total meltdown.

9am – Two nurses, the anaesthetist, surgeon, surgical procedure representative and a few passing people in the corridor had come to say hi to Munch and fallen in love with him. Many asked if they take him home with them, others just settled for a fuss.

10.30am – Munch went home for a little run and nap with my friend whilst I popped down to theatre. In the anaesthetic room the anaesthetist asked where Munch had gone which started a conversation off with the anaesthetic nurse about Munch and her nine stone New Foundland dog and the anaesthetist’s Golden retriever. After the spinal was administered and we were all busy laughing about doggy antics, the surgeon came in and asked whenever we were finished having our loud party, he was ready for us. Ooops, I always seem to get told off for laughing too loud and causing mayhem.

1.50pm – After a bit of ACL ligament removal and donor replacement, bone shaving, bone grafting and anchoring into place with some screws, I woke up in the recovery room to another nurse asking me about Munch. They had obviously been talking about him when I was in the sedated land of nod. After hearing more doggy stories from this new person it was time to go back up onto the ward.

3pm – During routine obs I was asked when Munch was coming back. My “when I get discharged” answer was not good enough apparently, so the nurse went to ask the other staff members and they said to bring him back now if I wanted to as they loved having him there. We settled on asking him to come back at 6.30 for the staff to have their Munch fix before they finished their shift.

6.30 – I was informed by my friend that brought him back that he was stopped in the corridor on the way up and was told by one of the nurses that he shouldn’t have taken him home as she missed him (Munch not my friend). I knew by the “Oh’s” that I heard when he came back that Munch was back on the ward and heading my way. After a quick sniff of my bandaged knee and a few gentle kisses he settled back down in the room but not before he gave me the obligatory “you are in MY bed” look.

7.45pm – Munch popped his head out in the corridor (whilst off harness but on his lead), to have a little nosey around. Two of the new night staff saw him and fell in love with him. I heard more and more voices coming over to him and cooing all over him as I was told there were six members of staff in all there fussing all over him. Questions fired at him and fuss was made, two even got sloppy kisses from him which I am sure they soon washed off with anti-bacterial wash

9.10pm – The porter came to collect us to take us to the main doors to go home. Munch had a quick sniff of him for approval which began off a whole new set of doggy stories from his own life.

All in all, it is fair to say that Munch had a lovely day full of fuss and attention. I had a day filled with sweet dog stories from all directions from people I never would have really had these conversations with them if it wasn’t for Munch. That day, my knee op was just a minor triviality in life with Munch. He has yet to go anywhere subtly and seems to always be centre of attention but that is the way that I always want to keep it. He is the best pain relief ever!