Once upon a time there was a little cute fluffball called Minster who was destined to be a guide dog although he didn’t know it at the time. Four of his siblings from the same litter of eight also went on to become super intelligent guide dogs who would change the lives of the people that they were matched with in extraordinary ways. Little Minster (or Munch as he was later to become affectionately known as) was the mischievous one in the litter.

Not a day went by without him upping the stakes in the mischief department and he soon had people falling in love with his impish ways. As he was taken from his black Labrador mother Hetty and cream Canadian Poodle Pringle and taken to train as a super guide dog, he took with him the beautiful temperament and spirit of both of his parents into his new life. He added his own flare to what was expected of him in guide dog training life and ended up with a cocktail of charisma.

As his fur turned from pure black to added wisdom strands of grey and white, he began to look more and more grown up and some even said he was distinguished. As he kept his dog walkers and trainers on their toes by prancing from one flower bed to another and playing a tug of war with his friend with a net curtain that ended up in two, they sighed with relief as he went to sleep each night. His angelic looking face began to save him from many a cross word and kept him in peoples good books by the skin of his teeth.

When he was finally old enough and trained enough to be matched up with a person to become the professional working dog that he had spent months training for, the universe had a chuckle at what lay in store for the pair of them. The “non-blind looking” woman and the “non-conventional looking” guide dog both had similar clumsy, unique and quirky personalities that loved feeling different to others but perfectly matched to one another. Mishaps occurred from day one in either and sometimes both of their lives at any given time, but that just added to their sense of oneness.

Munch’s less hairy two-legged maid that she soon became known as, had always tried to stay away from the limelight whereas Munch basked in it as much as he could which strangely enough balanced each other out. As they both grew older and wiser together with grey wisdom strands decorating their hair, they happily reflected on all the fun that they had had together over the last two and a half years and looked forward with excitement for many years ahead together.

From then to present day, Munch may have changed a lot in appearance, but his personality will always remain the same. His attention seeking behaviour will never change and neither will his sense of mischievous adventure which I love. His true self will always be the thing that makes people fall deeply in love with him and him in love with them as his unconditional love never falters. Munch will always be the little furball that steals my heart each time I am with him, regardless how much he ages. Thanks, Hetty and Pringle for sharing your beautiful ways to create such a masterpiece of mayhem. ❤