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There is nothing quite like that feeling of when your first copies of your new book arrive.

After months of communicating with the publishers over cover designs, text fonts, pictures and many other behind the scene preparation for the birth of the book baby, it finally arrives. I admire all who have ever self-published as the work that goes into turning into writer to published author is mind blowing. Luckily for me, Hay House is such an awesome publisher to work with, as the knowledge that they possess about every single detail of publishing is amazing and I feel truly blessed to have been published by them. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to give this book the best chance of success.

With endorsements from two of my favourite authors Dr David Hamilton and Robert Holden appearing on both the front and back cover, I already feel full of joy and gratitude that I cannot put into words. When an idea turns into writing that turns into a book, life becomes more than it has ever been before. Stepping foot into the world of literature that will leave your footprint on the world long after your days, is a moreish place that I can imagine that I never want to leave but grow and evolve like many before me. The contagious feeling of creation is one that I hope I will never loose.

Munch has delivered a few author copies books to family members for them to read early. He is beginning to up his diva like demands now as he realises that people will know he is more than just a pretty face as they read what he is really like. He is happy in the knowledge that the aim of this book is to put a smile on the readers face and help them know that whatever they are going through in life that there is always beauty to be found even when it seems that only darkness falls. Munch does not like anyone being down on his watch and he hopes that this will show through in the book.

As these next nine days count down until the book is officially out, we will continue working as a team behind the scenes by doing interviews and promoting it as best we can. Fitting this around our working week is a challenge that is openly accepted and unconditionally loved. We only hope that even if it only puts a smile on one person’s face. it will be worth all the hard work that has gone into it. As September 24th (book birth day) approaches, we will be counting down the number of sleeps until Munch’s face appears on the shelves on bookshops in different countries.

We sincerely hope that whatever idea that you have floating around in your head that you want to create soon manifests into your everyday reality. If you can imagine it, you can do it and there is nothing in this world that can stop you. As we celebrate our exciting time, we wish that all your dreams are also coming true.