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World Peace Day is a day that I wish could be lived every single day without fail. A day when egos remain asleep and unconditional love wakes up among the seven million souls on this earth. A day that holds no animosity, only respect for one another. Wouldn’t it be great to no longer feel negative about differences, only positive towards accepting another way? Such days do not belong in fiction books alone but can be in our everyday reality if we choose it. There is always a different way.

We may not be able to influence world leaders from the comfort of our homes, but we can always become the leaders in our own world that stands apart from others. Choosing to fight against war will never be as powerful as invoking peace in every area of life that you can. Waiting for others to help with campaigns will never bring you as much satisfaction as you are helping yourself in whatever way you can.

Giving what we can, however we can to help create peace in the world will always make a difference. Have a negativity detox in your life where you only allow in positive energy around you will leave you and others feeling far more peaceful. Being kind to loved ones and strangers alike will break down boundaries between the us and them mentality that creates more separation than unity ever can. Let us be the lead in change in our own community however we can.

Plant a tree to make peace with nature or throw a peace party deep in the woods to connect to the oneness of life. Help in whatever you can in your own community and fill the void that nobody else wants to fill. Give to charity the equivalent of what you would spend on materialistic items you will forget, to make a difference that will never be forgotten. Think of a new way of dealing with old negative patterns that you find yourself repeating and look at the world through fresh new positive eyes.

We do not have to wait until World Peace day of 21st September each year for us to create the peace we want to see in the world. Use this day as the start of a New Year of peaceful living in your own unique style and make the difference that you want to see in the world count.