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How did we celebrate the first day of being published authors? Hmmmm.

Within 20 minutes of waking up on one of the most memorable days of my life, I found myself on my hands and knees in a puddled pothole that felt like it reached the core of the earth. Whilst not ideal, it was at that precise moment that I found out that my knee operation had worked. Yeess!! After 4 years of multiple full and partial knee dislocations, the moment had come when I discovered that the three-hour operation had worked and my knee had remained in place. Celebrating on my knees in this lake like puddle I really was loving life. Munch on the other hand was not.

I had rudely interrupted his walk by being the klutz that I am. He had tried warning me that there was a puddle there and steered me away, but I didn’t listen to the Lord and Master and ended up needing armbands to keep afloat. As I felt his breath on my face as he came close to see if I was okay, I knew I was in the doghouse. As he looked over each shoulder in turn any onlooker would have thought that he was looking for help which he probably was doing but deep down I knew he was checking to see if anyone had seen my stupendous splash that would ruin his image. He knows a lot of dogs and less hairy two-legged race in the area, so I have a sneaky suspicion that that his looking around was more for his benefit than mine. The loud sighs that he gave as I figured out how to get up confirmed my suspicions.

After careful consideration of how I could get out of the puddle without calling the coastguard, the only option that I had was to crawl sideways like a crab (that is if crabs crawled on their knees) to find the grass edge which I knew was near a fence to reach dry land and re-join the upright community. Munch’s silence spoke volumes as he patiently waited for me to shift it so I could continue with our walk. Unfortunately as soon as I got up I realises that my foot was now demanding attention and directing the attention away from the knee. A hobbled step or two later changed our plans of going for a walk and letting Munch have a run on the field as it was hard to weight bare so we headed home. Even a thousand apologise later, a stroppy Munch would still not warm up to me, so I knew that the day had to be about him.

Whilst waiting for a lift to work, a quick doggy massage, play with some toys and a promise to share my lunch with him later, I knew that his icy approach was thawing as I heard the rotation of his helicopter tail rotate as least twice on the floor so I knew his happiness was returning. A soon as we arrived in work, he was greeted by staff who love him and told him how gorgeous he was which he lapped up and some even grunted a quick hello to me which was nice. The day passed in the blink of an eye and we left school on speaking terms which is always a bonus and went home. The original plan was to have a Munch celebration party for him as he was really the inspiration for the book and was merely his secretary in writing it. We had to change plans yet again that day as I had to pop to the hospital to check my grumpy foot out but on the bright side he got to spend tome with my parents who would spoil him and celebrate his book release with him by giving lots of treats and worshiping at his paws.

Leaving hospital with said grumpy foot which was only sprained and had soft tissue damage (a speciality of mine), I went to get the pampered pooch who had gone for a long run with my father and been fed treats and fanned by my mother who is in love with him. Arriving home, we sat and chatted about the day that he appeared on bookstore shelves around the world. To us it was just a normal day on the surface but deep down it was the start of a new way of life. Telling Munch all the lovely supportive comments that we got from friends and family seemed like preaching to the converted as he has always known how loved and supported, he is. Tipping over to his back with legs contently swaying in the air resuming position for a belly rub, he let the beautiful comments fall on his upside-down floppy ears. I promised to behave better the next morning and remain upright just like a normal person.

This new chapter in our same old lives will bring about many changes which I am so excited to explore together. If you ever want to read more about Munch’s tolerance of my embarrassing ways, there are plenty in our book What You See When You Can’t See which can be found on Amazon and many other bookstores.