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Here we go again. I am in demand. Being this handsome has its challenges let me tell you.

The fans are now waiting outside the car to stroke me and tell me what a good boy I am. The party that was held for me last Saturday night was obviously not enough of a celebration of my awesomeness. Hang on, there is something wrong here, the less hairy two-legged race want to talk to the maid about something non doggy or book related. Why??
Not even a rub into their legs brings the attention to me from the humans. They must think that a half-hearted stroke whilst still averting their eyes from my direction is suffice in how they should address a dog of my status. Do they not know that I am a Labradoodle and therefore have a regal way of being in the world that needs to be acknowledged? What is the world coming too?

It seems a lot of people locally know about the book that I telepathically conveyed to the maid to write and it has allowed me to have more adoration from the people that have always loved me since laying their eyes on me. The maid has had the odd hello too which she should be happy with. To give her credit, she threw me a lovely party to show people how clever I was to write a book despite being a dog.

It was lovely to see around 70 family and friends turn up to celebrate the release of the book and we even managed to raise £252 in a couple of hours for the Guide Dogs. The maid has planned a few more book signings where she will be also raising money from the sale of the books to give to the Guide Dogs charity to train more dogs like me to help people with sight loss. Well, I say like me but I am obviously one of a kind so they will just have to be the average Guide Dog but hey it will have to do.

I have been eavesdropping on the maid’s conversations and apparently, she decided to write the book not just to highlight how utterly divine I am but also for different reasons She has said that she wanted to write the book to talk about the side of sight loss that is never spoken about, being the positives of not getting caught up in a world where we use only our eyes to look at the world. She also wanted to tell people what it is really like living with Marfan Syndrome that is with you from the day you are born until the day you leave this earth plane. She wanted to write it in a positive narrative which is sometimes missing from some other books like this. She wanted to write a book that helped people change the way that they looked at their own adversity in life and look at it in a different way. Reshaping their thoughts by offering a model to work from and answering questions that they never may have asked themselves, is all done on purpose to interact with the reader throughout the book. My idea therefore of the book just being about how your life changes when you have been Munched (the effect I have on people I meet) has been discarded. Ah well, I suppose I will have to deal with it.

If any of you have ever wanted to write a book and have never had the courage to do it, please do it. If I, a regal Labradoodle can do it so can you. The maid had to physically type away for me as I dictated to her obviously as my chunky paws may have got in the way but together, we did it. Wishing you well on your writing path and if you need a member of staff like I did, so be it. I must dash now as I need to turn these two legged less hairy race non dog lovers in front on me into putty in my paws.

If you want to purchase the book it can be found on Amazon and until October 27th, it is at a reduced price of only £1.99/ $1.99 for the kindle edition on Amazon. Happy reading.