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What would the world be like with a lot of little Munch like Guide Dogs running around the place? Hmmmm. Let me think.

The 36 million blind and 217 million people with varying degrees of sight loss around the world would be able to live a different way of life. A life where there were less restrictions and limits on their everyday lives and allow them enter into a society that they would otherwise feel isolated from. This new way of life would allow them to replace their losses in life with gains when they would discover the strength within that they never knew they had. Would you like to see such a life change and know that you had been part of it?

A world full of Munch like Guide Dogs would give back independence to people who felt helpless and unsafe whilst out alone. People who would worry about not being able to get around in their own communities that they had lived in for years now that one of the most used senses no longer works. A Munch like Guide Dog would take them to new places not only in the physical world but also in the world that is created in the mind where they learn that trust alone can be the catalyst for change. Would you like be the reason that an individual with sight loss lives in a way that they have never lived before?

Helping an individual with sight loss escape a lonely world that they have been drowning in for years, will make you a superhero that will never be forgotten. In a world where sight loss can make you feel like an alien in a connected world of sighted people, a Guide Dog can feel like the lost half of their soul and help them re-enter a world that they can now feel safe in. The Guide Dog is the missing link to merge the world of the sighted and the sight loss community that do not always understand one another. Will you be the one that wears the superhero cape with pride to help join the two worlds and create unity?

Before Munch came into my world, I have felt all the above and much more. Guide Dogs change lives on so many different levels that the supporters never get to know about. During the month of October, Guide Dogs are setting themselves a very ambitious challenge of fundraising enough money to fund seven new Guide Dogs by October 31st through their Pups to Partnership campaign. If you are feeling generous enough to donate to this worthwhile charity, please visit their website at guidedogs.org.uk and be the difference that so many are waiting to see in the world.

I cannot promise that the guide dog that you help to fund will be the same regal thinking, food spillage rescuing. mischief making, other worldly. eccentric, adorable, Shetland pony sized, dramatic Labradoodle that I have been blessed to be paired with, but I can guarantee that they will be perfect for who they end up with. The love that I have for Munch will never fade and I will remain forever grateful for everyone who has been part of the funding and pairing up of our odd sock like qualities to make the perfect matching pair.

If you feel you can help in any way to help create more Munch like guide dogs, please do and may I say thanks in advance. The only question left to ask is, is the world ready for more Munch like guide dogs to be created? Well, at least the world will never be a dull place ever again.