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Do you struggle with getting things that you really want to achieve in life? Are you looking for ways around this to be able to lead the life that you really want to live? Well here are some tips from me, a top-class dog and life coach extraordinaire. Follow these simple steps and you too will be living a life full of blissful comfort.

1. Make a commitment.
Be loud and stand proud in what you want to achieve in life. Half hearted asks get half hearted results so ensue that whatever you are asking for is what you really want to get. Speak your requests with authority. Let me give you an example that relates to the picture above. If I had not requested the chair to curl up on, I would not have got it, simple as that. Even if the answer is not yes the first time around, do not let this dishearten you and try, try again. This takes me nicely onto the next point.

2 Believe in yourself
If you find it hard to visualise yourself getting what you have asked for, then how do expect the universe to believe that is what you really want? Hesitate and you cancel out all the hard work that you have already put into your dream. For me, if I had listened to the maid saying no to me the first time when I tried getting up on the chair, I would have lost belief in myself. I visualised myself sitting in the maid’s chair in work and I believed that I had the required skills to get what I wanted. You will see how.

3. Use what your mamma gave you
Take time to look at all your natural talents that can help you get to what you want in life and use them to the max. You have all the ingredients you need in life to be able to create whatever concoction you want to make up. Each one of us has qualities that stands us apart from others and can help us achieve our goals so what is your quality? For me, my adorable face, single mindedness (or stubbornness as the maid calls it) and want for a more comfortable seating option got me to where I wanted to be.

4. Refuse to take no for an answer
Just because another person does not have the same goal as you, it does not mean that you cannot come to an agreement. One person’s no is another person’s yes so keep your thoughts positive and your eye on the end goal. As the maid walked away from her chair in work that day for the umpteenth time, I went over to the chair to assess its comfort and decided I was getting there one way or another. Even after jumping up to settle down in it and the miserable maid telling me to get off, I persevered and got up another twice. She was far too well trained by me to say no for the third time, so she did what she always did and gave in to me. Persevere, it is worth it.

5. Bask in your achievement
The hard work you have done to get to a certain place in life should be celebrated whichever way you want to do it. By acknowledging the hard work that you have done to get where you are, you are pre-empting further success as you realize how awesome you really are. I knew when I finally settled down on my chair for the rest of the working day that I could manifest anything in life despite the maid mumbling about “what people will think if they see you up there”. What others think of me is their business. What I think of myself is mine. I slept sound in the knowledge that I got what I wanted as I always did.

If you ever find yourself looking for inspiration to move forward and achieve what you want in life just follow the above steps and you too will sleep soundly in the knowledge that you have done everything that you can. Getting to the top dog position isn’t always easy but when you get there it is pure bliss. Keep posted for more tips on how to become the top dog in your own life.