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Healing never occurs out of the blue, it only occurs when you are ready to receive it.

There are healers amongst us that freely share their healing abilities and wishes for others, and there are those that innately heal others without knowing they are doing so. The child caught up in play that helps the onlooker heal the inner child, does so without an agenda. The illuminated passing smile that connects two souls for the briefest of moments and brings humanity back alive to an isolated soul, does so in the spur of the moment. The listening ear allows the good, the bad and the messy to pass unjudged into a welcoming mind and does not feel the need to correct or dismiss, just allows the speakers words to flow. The hidden healer among us works at just the right time.

This hidden hairy healer took over after I had finished giving some reiki healing to a friend of mine as he felt that there was more to heal in his own unique way. Sniffing out sores in the skin that needed to be seen to, he quickly began to go into his trans like state of healing. He had done this many times before and hovered over open sores before lovingly licking away to ease away the suffering. The hygiene freak in my head had been silenced after researching and finding the almost antiseptic qualities of dog’s saliva and let him do what he needed to do. This dynamic duo of friend and healer had worked like this for over a year with amazing results.

Sniffing out where the healing needed to be directed next, Munch in his trans like state moved around the body under and over the clothes tenderly licking parts that no cream could heal.

When he follows his life purpose as a healer on days like this, he becomes so serene. He was put on this earth to heal the body, mind and soul of those he encounters daily. The hairy healer has many sides to his personality (as do us all), but his desire to help is always central to his true being. With his pleading eyes that gets him out of mischief and his loving heart that draws people in, he never fails to leave a person feeling better after being with him.

Whatever we can do to help another heal may seem small to us but life changing for another. You need not lick another to put a smile on their face (best to ask permission if you feel the need to do so) to show you care and are there for another. Do it your way, for your own reason but just do it to make a deposit into your own karmic bank. You too may need a hairy healer one day.