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They say wishes don’t come true if you tell everyone about them, but I know I can trust you lot to keep my wishes to yourself. It’s not only humans that can have wishes in life. Fellow canine companions and other non- human species have wishes just as much as the two legged less hairy human race. Here is what I am hoping 2020 will bring into my life.

1. More rest

The maid still insists that I must accompany her to work. Some days I am in harness for over an hour in total which mean I am only harness free for 23 hours. I will work on the maid to decrease this and will request a chauffeur (a sighted one may I add) driven buggy to travel in to save my poor legs.

2. More play

For some strange reason, stealing socks and blankets from the humans in the house is not their version of play. They clearly need to rethink how they see play and incorporate more of my version of play. I will encourage Angus the cat to allow me to chase him, but he is not allowed under any circumstance to chase me back. A new play manifesto will be distributed to all to follow my new way of life.

3. More gourmet meals

When I first arrived in this home, I was only allowed the strict diet that guide dogs are meant to be on with only carrots for treats. Slowly but surely, I began to change this and began to use my handsome charm to share some of the food that the staff ate. I have broadened my palate now and am able to encourage the maid to share her meals with me by placing my head lovingly on her lap to let her know I am there and waiting. I have even encouraged the extended family to cook nutritious food especially for me when I visit so I will continue to do this. My boring diet will be a thing of the past.

4. Less shopping.

If there is no doggy aisle in a shop, I am not interested. I have learnt over the years which shops are for me and which are not. I have voiced my findings to the maid and she is well aware of where I will be accompanying her too and which ones she will have to take her long cane too. I can sniff out a clothes shop form miles away which I will not go to as I do not need clothes to make myself look handsome so I refuse to go in. Our shopping trips are getting shorter and I am getting happier so let this continue.

5. More attention

With looks like this how can anyone resists a stroke or 2? I know my harness says do not distract but with a face like this let’s be honest I am the one doing the distracting. I am sociable and so are humans, so it makes sense if we are sociable together. In return they can have a doggy kiss and I will leave them with some of my lush doggy hair attached to their clothing. I am aiming to spread more doggy hair to strangers this year.

6. More ball thieving.

Let’s be honest, why play a one-sided ball game when you can play in pairs. When I see a dog with a ball, it is my duty to run off with it to create a game of chase and keep their loneliness away. I sniff out a ball from quite an impressive distance away so if it is unattended, it is mine. I will give it back if I must, but I go by the finder’s keeper’s etiquette of ball play so be warned. I see more ball possession in 2020.

7. Less restrictions

I am aiming to have less restrictions this year placed on me. Apparently, I am not allowed to sit on the comfy chairs in work but as my previous posts have shown, I do anyway. I am intending to eat more of other people’s food if the fancy takes me (like the time a pupil’s panini ended up somehow in my mouth) as sharing is caring. I intend to leave my snug fitting harness at home more and go out for more free runs with my dog walking buddies and run like the free spirit I was born to be.

8. Give more healing

I know that the world is not all about me and if I see a sad soul, I am the first there to heal them. I lick away tears, snuggle into lonely arms and fill empty hearts with the love they are looking for. My goal this year is to spread the Munch affect on as many people as I can in whatever way I can. A happy world is a happy me, so I will create happiness in places of sadness and help to change as many lives as I possibly can.

9. More travel

I like to explore places with my ever-ready nose and eager eyes. I love to smell the lamp posts of new places to find out things in the local doggy newspaper. Last year we had to travel quite a bit for interviews about the book that I dictated to the maid to write and I hope we will travel more this year. Nothing beats a comfortable hotel pillow that I am not meant to be sleeping on but always do anyway.

10. More paw prints left on people’s hearts.

I hope to leave my paw prints in places I have yet to discover. Not only in physical places where I can leave my yeti like prints but also on the hearts of people that I will meet. We animals are the magic that is needed in people’s lives to help them discover another way of seeing the world. If humans could see the world through our eyes, then their tail ends would be wagging like ours. You too can leave your prints on people’s hearts in your own unique ways.

I know all of these will manifest for me as I put the work in so they cannot fail. I hope your hard work pays off this year for you to get your wishes too. Happy New Year from my heart to yours.