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Mother’s Day has taken on a new kind of twist this year that makes no sense to anyone.

Generations of mothers can expect a lot this year for their annual day of worship, but not everything will be a gift. Their children will be desperate to make their mother smile and show them how much they love them but this year they will be more creative in how they do it. Elderly mothers and mothers who are ill will be on their own this year and will long to see their children who are staying away to save their own mother because they care so deeply.

The pane of glass that separates mother and child on this special day, will not be there next year but for today it is there to keep both safe. Seeing one another on a screen will be the new face to face for a time to come, but they will soon reunite in the physical form and plant kisses on each other’s cheeks. It is the delivery drivers this year that will be leaving the flower outside of doors, instead of a child giving them in person. This year is just so different.

With so little time to plan, mothers everywhere have been so busy planning how to keep their children safe that many will have forgotten it is Mother’s Day for them today. Building a fort of love around their own family and reaching out to other families in whatever way they can, the only gift that they will really want to receive this year is for loved ones and strangers alike to be safe and well. A mother’s heart expands well beyond her own life as she feels for more children than she actually birthed.

Who would have guessed that a virus that is spreading across the globe devastating whole communities would be the glue that unites nations and brings people together? Mothers are no exception. Mamma bears everywhere today will be doing what they can to connect to whoever they can and keep everyone safe and uplifted as possible. Mothers that know best are there for one and all.

However you get to celebrate Mother’s Day today whether with your own children, mother, fur baby or in loving memory of a mother who has passed, make sure you celebrate in style as we honour the ones who make life possible. This year may be a tough one for most across the world but maybe this is meant to show us that there is a different way of life that the biggest mother of all is showing us. Mother Nature has our backs and is here to teach us lessons we all need to learn.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all wherever you may be.