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That’s what we do each year. Walk into the New Year not knowing what will happen.

Will we change a little of ourselves in an intentional way, or will change occur naturally as we evolve in our own unique lifetime ? Will we create into reality what was once a dream, or will we stick to the safety of the known and do what we have always done?  Will this year finally be the year that we stick to the ‘New Year, New Me’ motto that universally fizzles out by the start of Sping,  or will we just learn to present our true selves to the world that will love us in any way we are?

Does this year promise to hold more magic than any other year has for us, or will we believe that magic only exists in fairytales? Does our success this year depend on our Midas touch from our build up  good Karma, or will the Tainted Touch of others halt us in our tracks? Does the thought of plans make you feel secure, or do you like  that life is fluid and changes happen?

In 2020, we walked in blindly believing that our way of life was controlled by us. We believed that our family life was unchangeable, our jobs were ours, the education system was working and our futures would never have to be put on hold. That year would be like any other with only a few minor tweaks. Not many could have predicted the extent of how 2020 would  leave footprints in history in the way that it did.

We stopped, we paused, we grieved, we raged, we rebelled, we cried, we laughed, we shared, we regrouped, we changed, we gave, we took,  we started, we were stopped, and then we repeated. This was not the first year any of us had experienced these emotions but maybe it was the first year we had experienced them collectively. 2020 gave us the gift of unity in adversity.

The beauty of being led blindly into the unknown is that change has no option but to appear. Each new step we make on the path of  discovery, creates opportunities to grow into someone you never imagined you could become. Stepping into the new, is as exciting or dreadful as you make it so choose your intentions carefully.

Whatever 2021 brings you, Munch and I wish you happiness, health, unconditional love and abundance in every way possible as you walk  blindly into the new.