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Looking to start a new fitness regime or enhance the one you are current following? Look no further than Munch, the hairy Personal Trainer. Here is a testimonial from one of his previous clients.

” I started working out with Munch around 5 years ago and since then I have never been the same. My fitness regime had become a little stale so I thought I would take the lead from an expert squirrel chaser, ball retriever, Doglympian swimmer and earth moving sprinter. My experience with him has been a little…… interesting.

We began with some routines at the gym as he could enter any gym wearing his Guide Dog Harness (his part time  job on the side). I began on the bike and he avoided chasing the non existent wheels which was a positive. His appalled expression on his face at my attempt on the cross trainer shamed me into working more on my form and his sighs motivated me to splutter on to carry on as his eye rolls told me I shouldn’t really have been such a sticky mess only 2 minutes in.

It was the classes however that he helped me the most. One of his favourite ones was the kettlebell class. As the instructor blew his whistle to tell us it was time to switch exercises, he would shoot up to attention next to me from his laying down position which meant I had to take a few extra steps to go over to settle him back down. In yoga , he drew attention to himself by showing everyone how a Downward Facing Dog was REALLY done. It was only boxfit however that he didn’t want me to partake in. Each time I would punch a pad or boxing bag in front of me, he would try and stop me with a bark and a paw. He is a lover not a fighter. Admittedly, I decided to go to the classes from then on with my white cane instead of Munch to avoid upsetting him. Sorry Munch only now you are finding out where I used to sneak too on a Friday night whilst I left you with a babysitter.

Due to constant knee injuries and the sight I have left deteriorating, I gave up the gym and began working out at home. After a successful knee operation 2 years ago and slowely building up a home gym, my workouts now are done at home. The bonus of this is that as I have a live in hairy PT who can slump out of bed and  straight onto the floor to  help me, my PT is never far way. Well, I say bonus but it may not always feel like this. Munch can sometimes be a little ……distracting in the home environment.

When I am on the exercise bike he runs off to the garden to get one of his toys for me to throw for him. When I am on the boxing bag he jumps up to lick me all over  to prevent me hurting the bag. He runs off with my skipping rope although this may  be his way to help me practice my sprints. As soon as I get my mat out for yoga he lays either on part or all of it but thinking of it, maybe it is his way of helping me develop a more contortionist approach to yoga. Bless him.

If you are looking for an alternative PT for your exercise regime, look no further. His unique approach has done wonders for my negotiating techniques,  patience levels and all around resilience although maybe not so much for my fitness but surely a more holistic approach to exercise is okay”,

Munch’s going rate for his expertise is a) a handful of treats, the bigger the better b) a fun off lead run c) a swim in the sea or lake d) a full body and ego massage. What are you waiting for? Book today.