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It’s been a blink of an eye kind of two years since our book was published. Luckily, it was published in Sept 2019 well before life changed for everyone during the Pandemic. It was much easier to publish and promote a book back in the ‘Old Pre-Covid World’ where travel, interviews, signings and everything else that comes with publishing was far easier and more natural. Munch was a far happier dog when he could sashay freely in the world meeting, greeting and making people fall in love with him.

Since then, life has been a little busy with other adventures but I still love to write when I get a spare moment. An increase in working hours, completing a course plus becoming a supervisor in work has meant that these spare moments are few and far between. Adding into the mix a gorgeous new grandson has meant an ever increasing family which has been so amazing, yet my writing is feeling a little neglected.

My writing fits into the category of hobby  rather than a profession but who knows maybe one day that will change. With spontaneity more appealing than discipline, I may need to quite down my search for new adventures long enough to create an opportunity to write as an author instead of a Literature Dabbler. As a young child, it did cross my mind that I would love to be an author due to the  love and escapism books bring to their readers. I did however want to be a Firefighter, a Pilot and a Detective although maybe none of those were the easiest of choices for a blind person but it’s always important to reach for the stars and keep your dreams alive!

Munch has however telepathically dictated a self help book that I….sorry we…. have finished writing and are  nearing the end of a light hearted novel which has been so fun to write. We have a rough draft of a more academically geared book that is threatening to be released into the Laptop very soon after being approached by someone to write one, so there is no rest for the wicked. Whether we choose to publish these or just keep writing for fun, who knows. As long as we keep having fun writing,  that is all that matters.

Fear not, Munch’s addiction to showing his face in photos is still being fed as he has been asked if Guide Dogs can use his face for some learning resources in schools which I think is fab idea. Raising awareness about how these magical beings help the lives of people with sight loss is crucial so we are always up for that. I am glad Minster (Munch’s professional Guide Dog name) and his antics will have a chance to always be remembered in our book and beyond. I whole heartedly wish that for the next two years and beyond, we can keep spreading Minster Munch’s antics far and wide. Thanks Munch for being the best co-author ever.