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And number 8 of the Guide Dogs of Christmas is…. Minster Munch. I mean he was going for number 1 but he was happy for number 8 after I explained to him that number 8 symbolises infinite so that was good enough for the Lord and Master.

Guide Dogs are using these images as a fundraising tool that can be used in schools and such places where a treasure hunt of the 12 Guide Dogs of Christmas can be found dotted around a place  by children. They may also be used in some social media.  They asked if they could use an image of Minster Munch to show all the different types of Guide Dogs that they use. The typical labradors and the more unusual Munch types.

If Munch was asked to come up with his own version of the 12 Days of Christmas , it may go a little like this….

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me

12 Balls Bouncing

11 Reindeers Raced

10 Snowmen Scattered

9 Dinners Dropping

8 Presents Pinched

7 Tasty Treats

6 Bells Boken

5 Gourmet Meals

4 Nose Kisses

3 Brand new Toys

2 Festive outfits

And a world that just loves me…

Each year that he is with me, I feel he deserves more and more good things in return. Santa and I have an arrangement to turn a blind eye (or in my case just my eye🙂) when he slips over to the naughty list and praise him when he returns to the good list.

It is so lovely to have Munch’s handsome face as one of the 12 Guide Dogs of Christmas as a resource raising funds for such a fab charity. This little showman makes everyday feel like Christmas.