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Munch has just turned Seven.

The Birthday Boy celebrated by coming out for some delicious lunch, opened some tasty treats and had some Christmas themed toys. A good free run later,  and he went back to his 100 mph couch potato mode! All in all,  a perfect day for a perfect dog.

To celebrate his birthday, here are seven of my favourite photos that capture his unique style of being

Here Munch can be seen smiling away in bliss as he settles down for a nap. He is the happiest when he is spreading his love strewn hair in every place it is not meant to be. Clean bedding and recently hoovered sofas are his favourite place to settle down for an afternoon snooze.

With his Lord and Master standing above us mere souls, I am are reminded that the poodle part of him will always demand superiority. I, a mere maid, needs to remember her placing in our partnership as  I attend to whatever he needs.

My best meditation buddy is never far from my side. The blessing of living with a Guide Dog is that we are always together day and night and he never has to be left alone. My hobbies by default become his hobbies. My friends become his friends. There is no longer a “me” but always a “we”.

My bilingual hairy bear understands both Welsh and English commands with ease. Over the last five years being with me working in Welsh schools, he has picked up the lingo very well and has a speciality in understanding food in Welsh. Strange that!

Our little Minster Munch is rather partial to a bit of drama. Not one to stiffle his frustration with putting up with me, he owns his sighs with pride allowing them to flow fluidly throughout the day. The master of eye rolls, Munch is far from shy in showing his disapproval with his dancing eye muscles.

Munch has been mistaken for a lot in his last seven years of life. From an Irish Wolfhound to a Shetland pony, many have been understandable. With the paw prints the size of a yeti’s and the resemblance of the Loch Ness Monster whilst swimming, he loves to keep people guessing what he actually is.

Being chosen to take part in the 12 Guide Dogs of Christmas has to be one of his highlights of his seven years of life. Showing the public his unconventional Guide Dog look will hopefully go along way in helping the charity to raise enough money to fund 12 New Guide Dogs. To find out more please visit.


Looking forward to many more years with such a beautiful soul.