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As your ear snuggles down to listen to my heart beat in my chest, I hope you hear how much you are loved.

When I stroke your fine hair growing on your perfectly shaped  head, I hope you know that these hands will always be there to help.

As you cwtch into me to help soothe your cry, I hope you know that problems are always solved best when you are ready for my help.

As you start to stir from dreamtine and let out happy groans and sighs, I hope you know that my ears are waiting to hear how I can help.

I do not need to see you clearly to know that you exist. Your perfect presence shows me all I need to know.

From the moment I held you, I knew that I could see who you really were through all my senses. I do not need to see to know your beauty is breath taking. 

As your flawless newborn eyes adjust to the blurry world around you, I know daily what that is like. You will soon see more clearly as you take in the wonders of the world as you grow and see what life has in store for you.

Welcome to the world my beautiful Grandson. I may not be able to see your perfect tiny face clearly but it doesn’t matter in my blurry bliss. My blindness is forgotten as my senses watch you turn into the perfect boy you are born to be. I will love you always ❤