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School holidays have officially begun! Time for some fun.

After the most bizarre year in education ever  where we have been in and out of school numerous times as schools have closed and reopened, we finally get to spend the summer at home. Munch will be completely off, whilst I will be providing emergency cover for phone counselling but from the comfort of our own home. Munch has many plans he has requested for our break and they go a little like this.

  1. Sleep . Nothing better than a summer snooze.
  2. Play. Play may be a little slower in the heat of summer when you are such a hairy bear, but he will no doubt be matching Faith the tortoise’s pace in the garden.
  3. Cause mischief wherever possible. There may be no pupils around to steal paninis out of their hands (still a cringe worthy memory when Panini Gate happened) but there will always be an option to create chaos in Munch’s eyes. Two days after end of term and he has only managed to devour some unattended party food and smash a plate and attempt to chase a  squirrel up a tree, but the holidays are still young. Plenty more time for the opportunist to strike.
  4. Swim in the sea, river, and lakes. This may not be possible to do all at the same time only due to the boring limitations of time and space (unless we enter the realms of co-existing multi universes), Munch has plans to tackle as much of these as possible. The Loch Ness Minster has been sighted in many local areas and has made many a friend with the water dwelling kind. He may even be able to succeed in his ultimate goal of  blending in with a family of ducks that he has attempted to do many a time. Public health alerts have already gone out to the surfing community  to warn them of the dangers of leaving unattended surf boards in the sea after the slight mishap a few years ago when Munch tried to jump aboard and surf off into the sunset.
  5. Meet up with friends. Meeting up with both hairy and not so hairy friends is on the to do list. Even though Munch does love to share a saliva sodden ball with another canine, he is more than willing to preform the same exchange with a human. If the thought of sloppy seconds smeared across a ball is not your idea of summer bliss, Munch will be quite happy to take you to the nearest lamppost to show you how to leave your scent. Failing that a good old cwtch (a warm cuddle for the non-Welsh) will more than do.
  6. Sleep some more. Coming a close second to his favourite past time of eating, sleeping recharges his battery of brilliance.
  7. Demand attention 24/7 to keep his Drama King title alive. He is royalty. He will be always treated as such. Anything short of utter worshiping will not be tolerated. Trust me, having the cold shoulders from Munch is NOT pleasant.
  8. Continuing his plan to be the biggest local ball thief for any unattended balls whilst out walking, whilst also avoiding a doggy ASBO.  Munch has quite a rep in the area for stealing  balls or as he sees in, helping any dog turn their game of solitary play into a game for two. Returning the balls can take a little persuasion but they are always returned almost always undamaged. I have had many a sit-down chat with the cheeky chappy that theft is a serious crime, but his eye rolls tell me that despite nearly five years together, he still does not care about my opinions. Thankfully, his angelic face has still not appeared on Crimewatch after the theft of a ball a few years ago in a city centre from one of four sports shops. In his defence, he may have picked it up from the floor outside as the balls in shops are usually sold in packs. Well, that is what he has tried to convince me is true and I do not have evidence to prove otherwise. If he does get an antisocial behaviour order due to being a ball thief, he  may have to change his name to protect his identity. I will let you know if this happens though if you promise to keep it a secret.
  9. Visit new places for new adventures. He loves sniffing out new places to visit. Many places are kind of off limits though due to his inability to walk past any body of water without whining to go in ( please see point 4 above). Walking past an unexplored inviting lake for example would be like a chocoholic working in a chocolate factory. Temptation is sometimes best avoided for all involved.
  10. Continuing to attempt to look angelic to get everything he wants whatever he wants whenever he wants. Looks are so deceiving and this summer will be no different. Who knows what he has planned for me this summer, but I know it won’t be boring.

 Munch will be turning seven this year so soon he will be plodding his way slowly to possible retirement in a couple of years where life will be a constant holiday. Until then, I will ensure that his time off from hoovering up dropped bacon rolls from school corridors across the county is always well spent. If you hear of a mayhem driven Labradoodle causing havoc in Carmarthenshire you know who it is. Sorry in advance.